"You two!" Alex and Draniei turned around and noticed that the teacher was watching them. "How dare you!" She snaps. "After I tried so hard to teach you ungrateful brats!" She held out her hand and a fireball appeared on it. Alarmed, Alex took up a fighting stance. The teacher was shrieking now. "I am trying to give you the best education I can and you act like you just visited a house of horrors. Why I ought to....ought to..." She began to laugh, snorting as she did. The two confused onlookers watched as the teacher grew taller and taller, and her hair grew lighter and frizzier, until a tall, gangly girl was standing before them. She was still laughing. "You had know idea!" she said between snorts. She stopped abruptly and held out her hand, putting out the flame as she did. "I'm Daisy Knowles." she said in in in a serious tone. "And you are Draniei and Alex." "How did you know?" Draniei asked. "Leo!" she shouted, ignoring the question,"Come greet these boys!" Suddenly Alex felt something at his feet. He looked down and saw a cat entwined around his legs. He kicked instinctively and the cat suddenly appeared in Daisy's arms. "How..." he said, confused. Daisy frowned. "How dare you kick Leo!" She cuddled him. "Wait," Draniei said, "Can you at least tell use how you did that?"

"Oh, I can copy people but it's not real. See." She tosses  a fireball to Draniei who touches it gingerly. He doesn't feel a thing. "Well, I'm off to see someone else." She walks out of the class and bumps into someone. They mutter, "Sorry." and try to walk off, but Daisy grabs their wrist and pulls them. "Now," she says, her cat perched on her head, "What your name?"

The End

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