It had already been three hours straight of class, just sitting in a hard, steel desk. Bored, I had memorized every detail of the bland room. It was shaped like a coffin and was filled with twenty desks. A three foot teacher was at the front, yelling at the top of her lungs now over the chattering of the students. Directly behind me was the door, but it was locked tight. I can't even figure out how to hack past the electronic controls to the door, much less get past it's 6 foot thick steel frame. 

The teacher got fed up and started lighting students on fire that were talking. They yelped, some knocking over their desks and others getting doused by waves of water by fellow students, throwing them across the room. The chatter died, replaced by moaning. The teacher smiled and calmly stated "soon, you shall learn the full extent of your abilities. If you don't, you weren't paying attention and I shall continue to light you on fire. Now in your first leason, all of you will take a jump. While you are falling you shall concentrate on your abilities to the full extent. If you don't, well there is a reason why this room is shaped like a coffin."

The teacher floated in the air and the floor dropped. Students screamed as we tumbled, uncertain as to how far we would fall. Smiling, I realized that the floor was falling, but it wasn't accelerating down. Kneeling on the floor I waited, watching as some of the students floated, ran up the sides of the wall or disapeared. The floor stopped and I collapsed to to the ground. Students tumbled and groaned. One kid screamed "what the hell kind of school sets you on fire and then drops you a hundred feet?!"

The End

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