Draniei: A new kid.

My teacher for my first class has been away for several weeks, and we couldn't get someone else to teach it. So, we just didn't go anymore. As I slowly wandered the hallways I wondered what secrets these halls held. I remember long ago when I found this shepherd's crook in a secret passageway. My life has never been the same. This crook allows me to have slight control over other's choices.  But, if their will is strong, it's inneffective.

"Hey, do you hear that?" Zephyr inquires.

I stop walking and I listen intently, and yes I do hear it. There is a fight going on somewhere in the maze of corridors, hallways and false doors. The Academy was built upon 50 acres of land, and to the outside, it's simply a prestigious school. But to the inside, it's so much more.

I run to the origin of the fight, hoping to stop it. When I find the correct hallway, and I see the aftermath. A man with black hair walks down the hallways. His left arm is burnt severly.

Then Zephyr whispers into my ear, "Brian Sengir, Samuel Bloodclaw, and Garret Evans."

I nod, "you can see them at the end of the hall. I think this boy won a fight with the three of them."

I walk forward to the boy with black hair, and then I speak.

"Hello, I'm Draniei." I say as I hold out my right hand.

"Alex, what do you want." He denies my handshake.

I put my hand down. "I couldn't help but notice the burns on your left arm, could I be of assistance?"

"Unless you can heal, then no."

I pretend to play dumb, "Well, I can't heal, but I do know where the nurse's office is. I'm sure I can be of use to you in that respect."

"Whatever, let's just go. And why do you have a butterfly following you?"

We start walking towards the nurses office.

"That would be Zephyr, she's my familiar."

"Hello," Zephyr says timidly.

"She can speak?"

"Yeah, most students at the school have a familiar but not all."

"I don't have one."

I shrug, "it doesn't matter that much."

"What do you mean?"

"Rarely is having a familiar extremely important or needed at all. Sometimes, ones power is enough."

"What do you mean?"

"I've met someone with the power to destroy familiars. It was a very dangerous power, because if you destroy a familiar, you destroy the person's soul. Therefore, they die."

"Oh, so it's a bad thing."

"Not always."

"So, other than talk, what can Zephyr do?"

"She can transmute the energies of the world around her into fire. Quite useful actually."

"Huh, so what's it like at this school?"

"Well, it's interesting at the least. Every friday there's a tournament, in which you pit your powers against others in various tests. It depends on what friday of the month it is though. If it's the 1st friday of the month, then it's a sparring tournament. If it's the 2nd friday of the month, then it's a survival tournament. If it's the 3rd friday of the month, then it's an endurance tournament. If it's the 4th friday of the month, then it's a searching tournament. If it's the 5th friday of the month, then it's a beast taming tournament."

"Hmm, what are all of those."

"Sparring tournament is just fighting against one another to see who the winner is. Survival tournament is when you are put into the wilderness and you have to survive for a week, you have a small button that you can press to go back to the school if things are tough, the ones who last the whole week win. Endurance tournaments are just the personal who can balance or run the longest. It depends on the month. If the month has 30 days it's who can balance the longest, 31 it's who can run the longest, every february it's who can hold a spell the longest. Searching tournaments are fun, one of the teachers hide 10 special trinkets throughout the school, and the first people to find them win. Beast taming tournaments are when you are put against a creature, such as a dragon or griffon, and you must tame them and let you use them in battle against other tamed beasts. Clearly, the last one standing is a winner."

"Huh, what do you win?"

"Depends, I've seen lots of things won. The most common are an agument to your abilities or a magical item of some sort, but in my time here, I've seen almost everything given as a prize."


"Yeah," I agree.

We let silence fill the space between us for a few moments, until another question was asked.

"So, how long have you been here?" Alex asks.

"Well, About 5 years."

"What? Didn't you graduate by that time?"

"You can stay here as long as you want. It's a safe haven for those who are gifted, and they allow you to stay for any amount of time."

"Huh, so what's your power?"

"Hehe, I can heal."

"I thought you said you couldn't?"

"Yeah, but I wanted some nice conversation, I knew you wouldn't open up if I had just healed you there. Besides, I don't heal everything. I can, but that would mess with the balance. And Zephyr has told me that your arm is meant to be burnt. You'll find that the nurse won't be able to heal it."


"Yeah, I can, but I won't. It's against my creed."

"So, you're a healer who won't heal?"

"When you put it so bluntly you make me sound like a jerk. I will heal, I just refuse to disrupt the balance."

"So, is there any danger in being here?"

"Yes, lots. But less than if you were out in the world. There is a man, his name is Phillip Fast, and he is one of the most ruthless gifted people out there. He wants to be the only gifted person in the world. And he is trying to kill us all."

"Are you kidding?"

"No, I don't kid about such serious things."

"Hmm, well with all the students couldn't we just defeat him?"

"We could try, except his power is that he gains any power that he sees."


"Yeah, he has the potential to have every power."

"Well, how many powers does the average person have?"

"One, the highest known is three. Though, it is theoretically possible to have more than three. We just assume it's very hard."

"Huh, and he could have..." he pauses,

"...hundreds." I continue.


I nod. "There are other dangers though, things that students are starting to band together about. But, other than those things, it's pretty simple being gifted."

Then, quite suddenly, a demon walks through a wall. Fire is dripping from it's face like sweat, and it's face is horrifying and terror-inspiring. It's wide smile gives the air of fear, and I begin to back away, whereas Alex gets into a fighting stance.

"This would be an example of an other danger." I say, fear being apparent in my voice. "Tell me, what's your power?"

"I can bend light."

My eyes widen in surprise, "really, that's quite a good power. Uhh, use your power to focus a highly compressed beam of light at him, it'll be a laser!"

He ignores me, and instead starts fist-fighting with the demon. His skill is apparent, I can clearly see that.

While Alex was fighting the demon, a teacher came out of one of the classrooms. Zephyr told me his name was Evan Burnett, his power was to banish demons. When he found the demon that Alex was fighting, he said an incantation and suddenly the demon disappeared. Alex was quite exhausted and hurt after this battle. I pick him up and throw him over my shoulder.

"Thank you, Mr. Burnett. My friend and I shall be off."

Because of my direct bodily contact with Alex he was being healed slowly. So, I decided to bring him to his dormitory where he could sleep, then he could find me later if he wished.

I walked down the corridors faster, and I finally got to the dormitories. Each dorm had the name of the occupants on the door, to make it easier for teachers. So, I continued on until I found Alex's. Zephyr told me his last name was Hubert. So, I opened the door to his dorm, and I set him down on the bed, he was completely healed, sadly. But, he would need to sleep for a while.

So, I wrote my cell number on a piece of paper, and my name, and I placed it on his dorm fridge.

Then, I left, only to stalk the corridors, looking for more secrets.

The End

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