The First Day (Dyerz)

I walked to the academy doors an instructor behind me. She put her hand on my shoulder and I violently shrugged it of. Knowing that she was going to try it again, I bent light around my body. All that she can see now when she looks at me is through me. Kids bumped into me and dropped school materials. One chick even tried to punch me. Walking up the steps to the school, I made it inside. I stopped bending light and looked at a piece of paper. It said "How to control your power, room 123". I shook my head and decided to take a tour of the school instead. Lots of hallways and everything looked like it could take a beating. A bell rang and five minutes later, the hallways were empty. Except for three students. One's eyes glowed and they walked towards me. I bent light, hoping to hide. They stated "you can't hide." The one in the middle was six foot eight and had hair all over him. The left one had a muscular build, no sign of his ability. The one on the rights eyes glowed and his hands had fire. I looked down at my hand and saw my body was glowing. I mumbled a quick oath "I shall not kill." They surrounded me, just looking for a fight. I backed up against a reinforced locker.

The largest one punched and I sidestepped, grabbing his fist, rotating backwards, dropping to one knee and pulling as hard as I could. He flew over my back and his head connected with a reinforced locker. He rolled of my back and the others stepped back. Rolling backwards into their mist, I spun expecting a kick. It didn't come, instead fire covered my arm. Ignoring the pain, I punched the guy with the glowing eyes in the stomach. He doubled over and then my left hand connected with his throat. He collapsed to the floor and the last one just ran down the hallway. Standing up, I accessed the damage. Both of the bullies were fine, one was drooling. Second degree burns covered my right arm, stinging badly. That was sloppy, good thing my parents aren't here. A teacher walked down the hallway and saw the carnage, sighing. He didn't see me, though. Walking past him, I silently moved down the hallway hoping that not everyone would be so desperate to prove themselves here.

The End

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