Academy of the Gifted.

Some people in this world are gifted. Some have special powers. Some of these people go to an Academy to hone their skills and be with others of their kind. For safety and community. Weekly events are held, sort of like a sparring practice, where people try to contest eachother using their powers.

The Academy of the Gifted is a Academy in northern England that has entries from all over the world. Some bestial, but most human.

Some signs that you may be gifted:

- You have a familiar.

- You can do strange things that have no explanation.

- You have strange bodily abberations. Such as: Excessive hair growth once a month, flecks of color appearing on your skin, etc.

Every week at The Academy of the Gifted we hold contests for prizes. Where you use your gifts against other's gifts in a variety of tests, matches and races.

You're application forum will be filled out in the following manner.

Example forum:

Name: First Last

Age: 13

Power: Super-speed

Familiar (If Applicable): Juno, Dragon.

Looks: Green eyes, brown hair.

Personality: Is very nice.

Other things: Doesn't like celery.

We hope to see you in the Academy soon.

The End

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