Hopwil's Madness


Hopwil snapped out of his thoughts instantly at the sound of the Goddess' voice. Well, not a Goddess, but the wife of... 

Hopwil growled at his own mind. He had learned through Priesthood that Idenus was the beginning of all things. He had been strong and righteous! Not a glutton... Not THE Gluttonous God! How could this be!? Hopwil looked to the woman, whom was undeniably beautiful but insanly ugly at the same time. Maybe she was lying? Yes, she could be a liar. He killed liars.

Hopwil released his magic onto the woman, refusing to acknowledge even her name. She didn't deserve it! "YOU LIE!"

The others, who had been discussing the strange stone, turned on the scene. Instantly, two mana powers activated and blades appeared on Ziyous' blue arms. The fool. Couldn't he see Hopwil was in the right? Truth. That was always the right way!

The woman shook her head at Ziyous, Tariq, and the human girl, causing them to reluctantly back down. Hopwil smiled. This would be fun, now. He could rip her up, shred her down, and dance in the remains. It would be like he loved it! Liars deserved no better!

"Priest," she said, every word making Hopwil's skin crawl, "I know you won't do those things to me. You sense my heart, I know. Do you see any evil? Any evidence of lies?" Hopwil searched her on request. She was right. He found nothing. Not even the smallest trace of darkness was in this woman. In fact.... there was none in this entire room.

Hopwil reluctantly let her down. 

A hand clamped on his shoulder and he instantly reacted by shoving the blue man away with the arm of a shadow. Ziyous rolled and came up on his feat, his eyes curious and his expression blank. Great, the man still would not fight him. Now how would Hopwil channel this rage?

"Tell me, Retheri," Hopwil spat, straightening his bloodied robes, "Is there any way for you to clear my Darkness? Being a Goddess and all, one would assume you could." Hopwil pushed back his purple hair and laughed. "Or are all Gods a disappointment now?"

"Hopwil, enough!" Ziyous commanded. Hopwil just continued to laugh. He was finding this too funny  now. 

"So, you're an all powerful Goddess of the Ancient Times and you can't even protect yourself, let alone do anything to a man whom fell in love with you. Why not call upon the lion to help?" He laughed and walked toward the door of the room. "Or was it that he realized how pathetic you really are, Goddess!?"

Instead of reacting with a crying and the woman agreeing with Hopwil, Hopwil only heard a chuckle. He stopped dead in his tracks and swung around. Retheri was there, standing directly in front of him. Her eyes seemed to pierce his very soul. What... was she doing?

"Think he will be alright?" The pridean's voice said in the background.

"I don't care! He is just a horrid person anyway!" That would be the human.

After what seemed like forever, Retheri let Hopwil go and walked a safe distance away. "Your's is truly a path I had not foreseen, priest," she said slowly, "With the death of your wife and child, you allowed your heart to weaken and the gluttonous god managed to get into you." Ziyous and Tariq both looked shocked and moved into a battle-ready position. Did they really think he would attack them?

"But," the woman continued, "you have something holding off that Darkness. No, rather someone. Without her, you would be drowning in gluttonous greed and fighting against us. What is it that makes her guard you? How is this possible?" She smiled. It was a rhetorical question. 

"Well," Hopwil sneered, "What is it?"

"Why, if I told you that, it would be more harmful than good."

Hopwil growled, letting a few shadows linger into the visible world. "What are you saying, woman?"

She giggled. "I am saying that you need to find answers to free yourself from the 'Darkness.'" Hopwil glared at her. Answers? Why not just kill the Otherworlders? Why not just make them pay!? He managed to calm himself before he went out of control again. 

"Ziyous," Hopwil said to the blue man, "You can talk to her all you want. I will be outside." With that, he opened a gate and teleported to the outside of the cave. 

The night air was cool and only the moonlight showed the evidence of a battle. The bloody piles and lumps of flesh were a pleasant sight. A fitting sight. Well, for a man such as him, it was. He wished.... No, that was selfish. Maybe it would be good to be selfish?

"What the hell do I have to do?" Hopwil asked no one. No one replied. Of course, no one might be busy. Yes, he might. 


"What?" Hopwil looked around for the origin of the voice, but found nothing. Instantly, he broke down and started crying. He deserved to die. He needed to die. He WANTED to die! The scenes played through his head. His wife, the only love he had ever known, with her belly full of life made from their love, lay in a pool of her own blood. Hopwil tried again and again to heal the lifeless corpse, only to realize he neglected the baby! Oh, why did he neglect his child! The babe had had a small chance. The instant Hopwil touched him with a healing spell.... it had been too late. 

Hopwil screamed out into the night.




Then Hopwil stood, a crooked smile on his face and a new scene in his head. Truly a scene of beauty it was. It portrayed every emotion he had. From love to hate and back again. This was a scene he longed for, he lived for, he needed! Yes, this scene was his home. It was a place to stay until he died! It WAS the REASON he died!

It was a battlefield!

The End

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