Hopwil's Lament

The abominations fell to fast. Before long, they fled. How disappointing. Hopwil had been hoping they would stay longer and enjoy their own destruction like he had been. Truly, they were something that could only cause Hopwil anger and rage. 

Hopwil had landed among the filth, killing those he saw. Grey-armored knights fell to their own swords, bloated carriers of the flying creatures crashed from holy fire, and the smaller creatures simply died when Hopwil saw them. Their puny lifeforces were all too simple to crush with Shadow Magicka. It was like crushing ants with your boot, only more satisfying. 

The enemy forces retreated, hopefully just for the moment. Hopwil killed the ones he could, but ultimately stopped. As much as he would like to kill the abominations, it could wait. He was more curious in what Ziyous had said. The atrocities had been searching for something? Maybe it was a comrade? Hopwil almost laughed with glee. He could rip this 'comrade' to pieces should his theory prove correct.

Oh yes! He could imagine it! One of the knights - a general of the abomination's armise, maybe - being slowly ripped to pieces. He would start with the legs. Wouldn't want it getting away. Then, the arms would have to go next. Maybe he should start with-


Hopwil turned, annoyed that someone interrupt his thoughts, and saw Ziyous and the Pridean walking toward him. "What is it?" Hopwil snapped, "I am in the middle of thinking!"

Ziyous just stared at Hopwil. "Well, elf, think about finding their target." 

Hopwil laughed suddenly, causing the Pridean to jump. He hated this Ziyous, but the creature had a point. No need in wasting time! "Gladly. Any idea what they were after? A comrade? A general gone missing from their forces? Anything with darkness in it at all?" At this point Hopwil had an uncontrollable giggle. The thoughts of ripping one of those... THINGS... to pieces... Well, it made him excited!

Ziyous ignored the laugh. He was getting used to Hopwil, it seemed. "Someone who may be an ally." With that he walked off. 

The Pridean, however, just stayed put. He glared at Hopwil. What did this insect want? Hopwil sensed his power and knew it's greatness, but even an ant could kill a man in swarms. What was power without use? 

"You... Are not as bad as you wish people to think."

Hopwil froze. The pridean.... had hit something. Memories arose from the ashes of Hopwils scattered mind. A woman, with long blue hair and eyes that transfixed any they met, stood in front of a youngling elf. The elf was in line to be a priest, but closed off his own emotions. 

She stared at the elf, named Hopwil, and said, "You are not as bad as you want people to think."

Hopwil grabbed his head and summoned hundreds of shadowfiends to the area. "Be quiet Pridean!" He shoved the man away with holy magic, as holy could not harm those without darkness, and walked away. 

Pain. His head hurt. Why...? Hopwil summoned more and more shadow fiends. Why did memories of the fallen have to hurt so much!? The fiends surrounded Hopwil, hiding the Pridean from sight. Hopwil wept. How could he let her die!? She had depended on him! The creatures began to touch Hopwil, invading his thoughts. Yes... Death. He had to rejoin her!


The fiends fled and faded into the darkness that conjured them and Hopwil felt himself be cut off from the flow of shadow magic. What had happened? He nearly had let the Shadow magicka win! Who..?

Hopwil saw the human girl standing near him. Despite the corpses of the abominations scattered through the battlefield, she had made it to where he stood among the carnage. What had she done? Hopwil felt a sense of... familiarity from the woman. No. That wasn't right. It was coming from just beside the human. But... there was nothing there!

"You are not to blame for her death," the human said, weariness and sadness covering her expression, "She wants you to live and free yourself from this curse. She asked me to tell you that and to say that she loves you." With that, the human started to fall, only stopped by the Pridean catching her. He was fast.

Hopwil laughed madly. He then stared at the human girl. "Not my fault!?" he screamed, "Not my fault!? How can you say that? You knew not what I did and you do not know who I am now! I am an abomination myself! I do not deserve even your words! I will kill and kill until the shadow is gone and I will do it for vengeance! These creatures will die by my hands for taking you!" With that, he left to head where Ziyous had gone.

Stupid Humans. Communicating with the dead was an abnormality for a reason.

The End

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