Hopwil stared into the heat of battle, his very being trembling with excitement and rage. In the next few moments, he would revel in the glorious slaughter of the demons who killed his reason to live and his future. In those moment would he find satisfaction he hadn't felt in nearly a hundred years. It was like staring into the Abyss.

Only this time, the abyss held glistening pleasure instead of darkness.

Ziyous ran ahead of Hopwil, with neither eagerness nor determination. Instead, Hopwil saw the eyes of a true soldier, content in his duty. He was inspirational, true, but Hopwil ultimately found it stupid. What was the point of fighting for a nation when it didn't fight for you?

The enemy, which Hopwil refused to honor with their traditional name, rushed to meet him. Instead of fear at the sight of the armored abominations with their winged companions and short allies, he felt... Peaceful.

'For you, my love,' Hopwil thought calmly, a smile appearing on his lips.

Hopwil focused on Ziyous, who had just arrived at the enemy's front line, and shot a bolt of burning Shadows toward the blue man. The bolt surrounded the man, not that he could see it, and shot outwards, draining the life from all the surrounding forces, killing the small flying creatures and causing the larger ones to fall from the lack of energy.

Hopwil laughed menacingly and leaped into the air, using Holy magic to make himself float through the sky. The enemy saw him, but it was too late. Hopwil already had released a volley of holy magic into the crowd of armored figures and short creatures. He laughed menacingly as they fell to his power.

Next up, Hopwil summoned the dark spirits from the Shadow's realm and set them into his enemies. Though it was slow, Hopwil smiled deeply when he saw the possessed enemies stabbing themselves madly. 

Arrows rushed pass Hopwil, one even planting in his shoulder, but he never slowed. Volleys of Shadow and Holy magic rushed out of his body, striking the creatures, as legions of shadow creatures possessed and slaughtered the enemy. Hopwil laughed insanely, but kept his concentration on the killing.

It. Was. Glorious.

The End

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