A New Reason to Kill

Hopwil stared at the strange blue man as he described the plans of attack, watching his tattooed arms and cross-spiked hair style wave to and from from gestures. Hopwil still thought the style was ridiculous, but held his tongue. He needed to appease this man so he could kill these... whatever they were. 

"...and you elves would call them the Tongue of the Glottonous... What?" Ziyous said when he realized Hopwil's now shocked expression. Hopwil just sat there, horror and glee, anger and sadness, all dancing in his mind. 

"Uh... nothing.." Hopwil shook his head, walking away from a questioning look painted on the blue man's face. Was it really those ABOMINATIONS!!! The shadow's magic raged inside of him, causing hundreds of shadow creatures of all shapes and sizes to erupt from the strange machine's deck. He felt the surrounding crewmen start to yell in alarm, only to faint from the shadow magic ripping out their energy. Luckily, Hopwil had enough control not to kill them, or himself.

Ziyous yelled at him, but he ignored the man and his magic that assaulted Hopwil's creations. He only focused on one thing. The Gluttonous God's abominable army. After a while, the shadow's magic calmed and with Holy magic, Hopwil healed the crewman of their depleted lifeforce. 

Turning, Hopwil saw Ziyous, his body in a battle-ready position with magical blades deployed. The man started to say something, but seemed to realize Hopwil had no care about anything he would say. The crewmen standing up also helped to ease the blue man's mind as well.

"Ziyous?" Hopwil asked the man. Ziyous dismissed the blades and watched Hopwil, waiting for an answer. Hopwil laughed and wiped his hands on his tattered white robe. "Is it a sin in your religion to kill a demon for revenge? A demon who robbed you of your very reason to live?" 

Hopwil stared intensely at the man, lust for killing mixing with the molten desire for revenge. Ziyous opened his mouth to answer, but was interrupted by a voice of unknown origin announcing their arrival.

Hopwil walked away, his long blue hair flailing in the wind, feeling happier than he had in a very very VERY long time. Yes, the shadow had tempted him with revenge, but he would not deny this vat of honey.

The End

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