Death Insignia

Tallia sat apart from the crew, not to purposefully isolate herself, but because she was being driven mad by a new group of spirits. The slain spirits were the worst of them all. They were loud and vengeful. And nearly every man on this ship bore imprints of death. The echos of their murderous deeds followed Tailla like a plague.

Tailla rested her head in her hands. She was a quiet girl, who liked to keep to herself. So how did she deserve such a fate? Every now and then someone would leer at Tailla. They would talk about her in hushed tones and have fun at her expense. She stared on wards shaking her head. She knew all of their darkest secrets. Luckily the pendent Gabriel had given her had prevented those secrets from being able to touch her.

Tailla waved her hand at the victims of her crew mates. “Go leave me alone,” she said to the bloodied and disgruntled ghosts of men. A women appeared in the midst of them. She was quite lovely. Much to Tailla's regret her stomach was very Swollen. She had been expecting at the time of her death. Though she was much quieter then the other spirits, the sad void in her eyes was the loudest thing of all. She reached her hand out towards Tailla. Tailla averted her eyes and pretended not to see her. She didn't know this group of men very well, but none of them pegged her as men who would murder a pregnant women. Her chest ached. Perhaps she wasn't a victim at all, but a lost soul, attached to one of these men in spirit. Tailla sat back on an uncomfortable wooden bench. She closed her eyes and feigned sleep until she was sure the spirits had left. She couldn't concern herself with the tasks of the dead right now, she had to focus on keeping herself alive.

Tailla threw another glance in the direction of her crew mates, deciding it was safe to join them. “How nice of you to join us. We thought for sure we had bored you already,” Ziyous jested.

- “Leave her alone,” Hopwil laughed. “This is not the business of women, perhaps you could give her some needle work to keep her interest,”

Tailla quietly glared at the man. Surrounding him earlier were echos of death spirits, who she planned to befriend and obtain information from. The more she knew about the men on the ship, the more armed she would be. Knowledge truly was power. For now Tailla needed to rest before she could call upon the spirits. Communicating with the dead would drain all of her energies, and she was already tired. Tailla dismissed herself from the company of the men. She would let them see her as weak and bored, the less they knew about her the better. She didn't trust any of these men as far as she could throw them.

Tailla felt a heavy weight fall over her chest as if someone was reaching for her heart. The familiar tickle and skin of something etching against her skin, caused Tailla to gasp. She turned on her heel seeking the privacy of her room. In the hallway she ran right into Tariq. He was much gentler then the others on board. Tailla had taken a liking to the man.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

Tailla shook her head. “Dizzy Spell,” she lied.

Tariq placed a hand upon her shoulder. “Well then you best get some rest,” the man advised before making his way to the others.

Once Tailla found her room; a simple area consisting of a bed and dressing table with a mirror attached, she lifted the hem of her shirt. The intricate knots and twists she had found days ago, etched in permanent blood red ink had expanded from her chest, downwards, nearly reaching her stomach. Tailla wasn't sure what the symbol would mean once finished, but she cold feel the dark power embedded in it. She stood looking at herself in the mirror. Dark bags had formed under her eyes and hair was getting matted and disheveled. Tailla knew there was only one way to stop the magic from spreading, from sinking beneath her skin until it seeped into her soul, and even so it was a temporary fix. Tailla took the small utility knife out of the pocket on her boot. She sucked in her breath as she cut a deep gash on the death insignia. Breaking the symbol meant it's magic and curse could not control her. It would take time for her skin to heal, but until then she was safe from the dark shadow magic that threatened to possess her.

The End

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