City of the Blue Wall

Hopwil stared out into the sky. From where he was, he could see everything in this brilliant city. The triangular buildings and dark structure, lit alight by the glowing dome that engulfed the city, was truly a sight to see. Hopwil had seen plenty of civilizations and cities during his travels, but never had he seen anything quite like this.

"Master Hopwil!" a voice called over the wind. Hopwil hadn't noticed how loud the wind was on top of this tower until the man spoke. "I have been sent to find you and guide you back to Master Ziyous and Master Adius!" Hopwil ignored the man. He was simply doing his job, yes, but it was annoying. 

"I'm not interested yet," Hopwil shouted to the man, "Be gone!" The man, obviously afraid of the consequences, ran back into the building. Hopwil just waited for the door that connected the roof of the building to it's inside's to close, then continued his search of the city.

Shadow and Holy power raged through his eyes, pin-pointing the location of any major source of darkness. The only one he sensed was his own. It was maddening, really. How could a city with this many people not have a single major darkness in it? How was he going to settle his Karma without darkness to face?

"Hopwil!" another voice called. It was far more demanding than the earlier man's and it carried no fear. 

"Ziyous," Hopwil replied, turning to see the blue tattooed man. His hair style still bothered Hopwil, but he kept his visible persona pleasant. This was the man who would help him settle his Karma, if just a little. "How may I help you?"

The man looked annoyed. Hopwil guessed it was because of his sudden dissapearance just before Ziyous met with the Pridean. If that was all, then it was quite pathetic. He had felt the creature from afar - Magicka of that caliber was hard to miss - and felt no darkness or threat. He had had no need to see the thing.

"Come with me," Ziyous said in his demanding voice, "Or must I force you?" Hopwil licked his lips. Was this really happening?

Activating the vast quantities of shadow's magicka inside of him, Hopwil willed himself into another plane, then back once more. When he returned, however, he was face to face with Ziyous. The blue man did not flinch, but instead held his ground. They stared each other down for a few moments. Hopwil searched him with his magicka enhanced eyes, searching for any malicious intent. 

Sadly, he found none.

"You are quite the disappointment, Ziyous," Hopwil said with a sigh. The other man seemed to take that as acceptance, and turned for the rooftop door. Hopwil followed behind, if only for the reason that a battle might be nearing.

He really wanted to kill something. The Shadow's magicka inside him screamed for it.

The End

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