All the while Tailla was walking around in this strange land, her mind was in a dream like state. She couldn't touch anything anymore without it bounding to life. Every tree she brushed against became abundant with leaves, even fruit, fields sprung to life with harvest. Seemingly, it was a blessing. In all actuality it was a curse. She couldn't figure out how to turn it off. She prayed she wouldn't venture into a burial ground of this odd world. The last thing she wanted were those blue trolls clawing their way out of the ground.

Aggravated, she sat down in front of the riverbank. She clutched the tailsman, willing it to offer her some better guidance. Without a human in sight she was alone and miserable. On the bright side the spirits hadn't found her yet, though she wouldn't have minded seeing Gabriel right about now. She would demand answers from her brother. What was she supposed to do in this weird place? Often enough she pinched herself to make sure she was still alive.

Tailla closed her eyes in concentration. She had never been able to control her communication with the spirit world, but she also was never able to revive the dead until last night. She visualized Gabriel standing before her, his arms crossed and a stern look on his face. A distant voice broke the concentration. Standing a couple feet away was another one of those blue creatures. His arms were crossed skeptically and he wore a grim expression. His demeanor told her he was someone important, or at least he thought so. The hair on his head stood erect in two columns. He looked wild and dangerous. Than again all of those blue people, were something to be feared, she thought.

He spoke crisp and clear. “What is your business in my land human?”

Tailla stood up. She didn't like this creatures attitude. She held out her tailsman. “This brought me here by no fault of my own beastie.”

Another creature, still, not human but closer in appearance stepped forward. In defense she held up her sphere. He was not as intimidating as the blue creatute. He simply looked like a man with pointed ears. Easily Tailla was disarmed, by the sheer force of magick.

The blue man approached her. “In my land you are the beast, human. My name is Ziyous Teps-Adius. You will not call upon me using any other name. Now. Who might you be?”

Tailla repeated the man's strange name over in her head, so she wouldn't forget. She turned herr attention back to his question. “I am Tailla. I do not plan on staying on this land long enough to call you anything again.”

Ziyous and the other man smiled in response. He bowed mockingly to her. “May you fare well in your endeavors then,” he said, before they turned to  leave.

Wait, wait!” She called after them. He must have known she was bluffing. She hadn't the slightest idea how she would get home.

Very well than human. This is Hopwill,” he motioned toward a man, who gave her a loathing look. " He is a powerful elf who will prove useful in battle.”


The wide smile returned to his face. “Ah yes, but don't worry I won't dispose of you because you are human. My people tell me you have an interesting gift that could be very useful to me.”

Tailla scoffed bitterly. “It's not a gift, but a curse. I utilize it for nobody.”

Ziyous chuckled. “I have a feeling you will change your mind.”

  • And why is that exactly?”

Becaus I am your chance of survival in this land.”

The End

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