I slowly leaned forward in the bed, expecting intense pain as I did so. Surprisingly, though, none came. I was unsure what the invaders had done to me, but I felt as good as new. I sat up and stood, moving to exit the room I was in. As I opened the door, I was greeted by a tall man, who stared at me for a moment before looking away and stepping aside, as if to grant me permission to leave.

I quickly walked away from the room, heading for anywhere else. Soon, however, I was stopped by an important-looking invader who placed a hand on my shoulder and told me to come with him. I walked with him until we exited the building that I had been confined to since I arrived in this city on the strange flying machine.

I was guided by the man to a towering structure, and was greeted by another man who took me into the building and spoke to me about things that made no sense. He called me "Blessed" several times, asked me if I possessed any abilities which were not normal for one of my kind. I told him that I was simply a mid-aged Pridean warrior who wished to see his homeland saved.

Finally, the man asked me something that made just a little bit of sense. "Can you use magika?"

"What?" I responded, still somewhat confused. He was flinging questions at me constantly as we walked.

"Magic. Can you summon its power? Do you do so often?"

I considered his question for a moment. "I can draw on the powers of the Gods. I use this power to aid my people, sometimes. Why do you ask me this?"

"I ask because - because you may be someone quite important to my people. I know we have not been kind to your race -"

"I do not hate your people. I simply look down on those who would destroy another civilization because of perceived 'inferiority.' How am I important?"

"Come with me. We will speak more on this."

This confused me more than anything else. Where would he take me now? What was happening? How could I be important, a Pridean warrior being significant to invaders?

The End

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