Morning Never Came

Tailla awkwardly climbed up a dead, but suitable tree with the Sphere the blue creature had given her. She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She lulled  herself into sleep perched high in a scratchy branch. Why would Gabriel have sent her to such a horrid place?

She dreamed of colors and shapes twisting to life. Flowers bursting through cracked and dry earth. A dead sparrow raising to life, and her brother Gabe alive and well. The dream was quite disturbing. Then again so were her surroundings. She awoke and the sky was still dark. Odd. She thought more time had passed.

Tailla stretched out her limbs and nearly fell when a blue creature with wide, owl like eyes swung from a nearby branch and perched itself onto hers. She could guess from it's attire and bone structure that it was a male. A wide smile spread across his face as he pointed at her branch, where leaves had seemed to have grown in the time she was sleeping. Tailla wiped the hair out of her face. “Yes troll. I see it, it is a curious thing,” She said, willing the creature away.

The blue boy shook his head. “You did that.”

Tailla let her mind recall the events in her recent dream, all of which dealt with raising death to life. It had to be a coincidence. Communication with the dead was repealing enough. She really didn't want to own up to re-birthing anything, even something as simple as a tree. “No,” she whispered. Though she could tell by the look on the boy's face that he wouldn't be convinced otherwise. She begged; “Please don't tell anyone.”

The creature nodded, though the expression on his face was not to be trusted.

“And troll before you go tell me; What time is it?”

“It's well after lunch time, petty human. Try sleeping less,” the creature offered before sprinting off in the other direction to probably to spread word of her necromancy to his friends, she thought. Tailla pressed her palms against her eyes. If she was lucky, maybe something would come and eat her after all.

The End

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