The Priest's Unholy Shadow

Lay ahead was my glittering sprawl.  My home.

Come rain, come demons, come aramgeddon, my city shall not fall while my hand can still crush the life of invaders, and can still carry the wood for baricades.

I was bemused by my own fate.  Such a blessing, yet such a curse. A mana flow coursed throughout my body like never before, it took me minutes to realize that my Magika blades had been delpoyed.  I hadn't even tried to activate them, they just appeared with a sudden swiftness that terrified me.  Would I even be capable of controlling them?  Perhaps Thereafter had overcompensated, delivering these history defining powers unto my unworthy frame.

The general Elvish population calls them The Tongue of the Gluttenous God. 
Humans call them Alternates. 
Prideans call them the Manifest. 
Zethest call them Outspawn.
Every culture has a name for them.  As they've scarred this verse with bloodshed that was unheard of until they arrived.  The world has never been the same since, we feared a return, it being inevitable.  We don't know what they came here for, but they do not hesistate to stamp out life wherever it may reside.  The elvish term comes from the legend that they follow a deity that hungers for the exponential force within our reality.  The soldiers weaken us, and it devours our point of living.  Ensuring that nothing is, or ever will be.  They rode on massive war creatures.  Living airships that howled even as they were burning to the ground.  Behemoths so large that they carved canyons when they swung they're massive axes.  But worst was the knights.  Adius cut down many of them, spilling what seemed like oil from they're wounds during the last encounter.  That war shaped his mind into the trustless personallity it was today.  

I shut my eyes, wanting only to listen to the city's song of work and play.


I don't know what the voice was, but it was right.  Someone, two someones, had made their way into Actorial.  Forigners in the city?  That disturbed me.  I had been trained early on to feel subtle reality shifts when Magika was in use.  Part of a way we deal with witches, feel the energy they exert.
Oh and these two were strong aura.
I toned out my surroundings and focused on them.  One had disappeared completely off the scope, I'd find that one later.  But the other one was aproaching the tower.  Quickly I might add.  But another feeling hit me and disrupted my consentration.  It was sound.

"Ziyous, I need you for second."  The cool voice of the warmaster said.

"Can it wait master, I have a pressing matter to attend to."  I urged, feeling the malicious power slowly working it's way to me.

"Only a second.  I promise."  He assured, grabbing my hand and pulling me along.

I followed him into the meeting room we had used previously.  Only now there was only one man at the table.  A proud looking Aethian who posessed a finely tailored cloak and a leather breastplate.

"Now Acto, please give my servant here a reason why he should not tear you into small bits of flesh."  Adius seated himself.

"Acto is pleased to tell you that the Pridean resistance has been crushed."

"Yes, a campaign I suspended for good reason.  Prideans pose no threat to the world anymore."  Adius growled.

"Acto disregarded your decision for good reason.  The Pridean forces had in their possesion, someone who he thinks may be a blessed."

"And so you brutally slaughtered an entire third of the city before I managed to get wind of this and stop you." I could see Adius's veins busrting above his brow. "Doing massive atrocities like this is why we don't have the support of others. Your actions sound as stupid as something I would do!"

"Acto has brought redemption in the form of the belived blessed.  Hey arrives tonight via air-rider."  Acto grinned, suddenly thinking himself exempt from Adius's wrath.

"Oh yeah?  Redeem this mans head for a plaque Ziyous."

"Acto wishes to know th-"

He hadn't even seen the blade until it took off everything mouth-up.  A bit of blood sputed from the incision, but subsided as he collapsed to the floor.

"Prideans?  Oh yes, they're the long living tribals eh?"  I asked Adius who was calling for the maids to clean up Acto's remains.

"Yes, be nice if we could get some of that life span."

"Imagine what the Overwatchmen could accomplish in eight of his lifetimes."

"I know that elves have crossed with them before, inherited the length of life also."

"Really?  My, what elves will do for immortality."  I laughed.

Adius chuckled as well.

"Didn't you have some urgent matters to deal with?"

I gaped in horror, I completely forgot about the outsiders.  I turned and exited the meeting room.  I ran down the corridor to the staircase down the spire.
I got a bearing on him, and I almost tripped when I had, he had made it to the bottom floor already.  And he was ascending, at this rate, we would meet at the centeral floor.
My magika went active and I swung myself over the spiral staricase's rim and fell to the next floor.  I did this about twelve times until I realized I had only one more level till the encounter.  So I stood my ground, waiting for the magika user to penetrate my floor.
I felt fairly akward, holding my battle pose in the middle of a dimly lit room, completely exposed around the sides to the outside, where airship docks were suspended.  The first thing  that I saw was the tattered white cloak that veiled a humanoid body.  He was about my size, maybe a bit shorter.  His skin was a dark shade of purple, and his ears pointed.  He was definately of elvish appearance.  When he saw me, a kind of smirk crossed his lips.

"I could tell someone was waiting for me.  Are you in charge, magic user?"

"Irrelevant, for I am the highest rank you shall meet.  Unless you submit, then maybe my master will handle interigation."  I snarled.

"Your asking for death you know."  He aproached me, and I relaxed my mana flow.

We stood within an arms reach, eye's locked as we observed one another.

"How many will come down after me once I defeat you?"  He said coming even closer to me.

"None, as I wished only to meet you first, without interuption."  Our foreheads almost touched at this point.

Now was the time, for battle or for discussion.  Either one suited me perfectly.

The End

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