Hopwil, the Taker of Lives and Healer of Pains

Hopwil Gurantus Devune, Priest of a dead order, user of the Shadow's magicka, and hater of all who enjoyed life, walked through the dark fields playing his flute.

He wasn't sure of where he was. Then again, when he traveled through the darkness of the Shadow Realm, he never really knew where it was he appeared. It simply popped him out in the place with the most holy auras in hopes he would destroy the hopes and tarnish the pureness of holy magicka where it appeared.

Hopwil pulled the flute away from his mouth so that he could laugh. Shadow magicka was strong, and it even influenced his personality, but it could not contain his actions. Hopwil wiped his long blue hair behind his shoulders once more and continued playing. The melody was a dark one, as usual, and it seemed to illuminate the fields around him.

'Where oh where is the Light hiding?' Hopwil wondered. He needed to hurry and see if he was of any use to these people, wherever they were, so he could leave once more. The darkness of this place made it hard to see any cities or towns. He was somewhat glad for the darkness, though. After all, he didn't want them to see his deep purple skin and try to kill him on sight. Again.

It had been hard to help the other people he had visited, though he eventually had. It always took some great feat or act of great kindness just to get a little trust. It really was a burden, but in order to be free of the Shadow's taint, it was something that had to be done.

A wall of blue came into view. 'Oh?' Hopwil thought maliciously, 'What have we here?" He was half hoping some sort of creature would appear before him and try for his life. Though he knew it was wrong to kill, Hopwil loved seeing the life leave the eyes of his victims. And if someone attacked him with intention of murder in their eyes, well.... That would be justification enough.

As he grew closer to the strange wall, Hopwil noticed it become brighter. Eventually, it became too bright to see, causing him to sheild his eyes with his hands and his body with a shield of Holy magicka. He would not die from a surprise attack, not before he freed himself from the Shadow.

The light vanished, replaced by a city of such splender, even the usually unimpressed Hopwil had to Gape. The structures were varied, having some buildings being simple and others made with complexities. Although he had seen a dozen glowing cities, on of which even floated in the sky, Hopwil had nevet seen a place of such beauty.\

"..or die!" someone said to Hopwil's right. He turned to see a blue man with an oddly elf-like appearance and ornate silver armor. Upon his head was an absence of hair, which Hopwil found disgusting.

Hopwil looked around a bit more before looking back to the man. Was he in one of his cousin race's cities? It certainly would explain a few things. After all, who but elves could make amazing structures like the ones in this city?

"Take me to your leader," Hopwil said, using Shadow magic to control the mind of the blue man. 

"Yes, master," The man replied. Well, it was time to see what Hopwil could do it seemed.

A devious smile went across his face. Maybe he could kill again...

The End

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