Azran Tariq
The city was stunning. Nothing short of absolutely amazing. I was standing in the center of the great city of Miz'Iq, one of a very rare few cities created by Prideans after the invasion. Unlike most Pridean dwellings, this one had not been burned to the ground, with the inhabitants being slaughtered like animals.

There were great domes and huge buildings containing schools, tribal homes, and many other kinds of structures. I stood in the center, simply taking in the familiar sights. My kind had always had a talent for building elaborate structures, massive communal buildings, and sprawling communities. Even now, after all the violence and oppression we had seen, that had not changed. I hadn't seen a significant change in our style for fifteen hundred years.

Suddenly, screams erupted from a crowd down the street. I saw a man fall to the ground, clutching a wound to the stomach, and another fleeing the scene, knife in hand. Several more soldiers marched into the streets, cutting down my people by the dozen. Invading. Again. The one thing I would no longer tolerate.

I drew my sword, crafted by a local smith years ago, and slowly walked over to the entrance to a dark building. I stood in the doorway until a group of the killers walked by, then I leaped out at them, slashing and stabbing until all of them fell to my blade.

These invading creatures had absolutely no remorse, no respect for the lives they took. Consequently, I had long ago determined that they deserved no mercy in turn.

I fought and fought, joined by just a few other skilled fighters in the city, until eventually I felt a sharp stabbing sensation in my shoulder. I collapsed to the ground, pressing a hand against the wound. Soon, I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I was in a small camp near a river, but the location was like none familiar to me. Where was I?

Sneaking outside of my otherwise empty tent, I was greeted by a dark forest and a furious river, rushing by. After that, the next thing I noticed was that I was surrounded by the invading men. The blue-skinned monsters were just as busy as ever. One of them saw me standing outside of the tent and hurried over to me, grabbing me and hauling me back inside my tent. He urged me to stay in bed, for my own safety.

This confused me more than anything else. Why were they trying to keep me alive? What was so special about me? I prayed to Akoraan, Father of the Gods in traditional beliefs of my people, to guide me through this. Whatever their reason for abducting me, I was quite sure it would not be good.

The End

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