Like written on the page before- be on the look out for sarcasm people!

I am Litty and I come in peace (imagine Spock with the Vulcan sign). I am also the coolest person you'll ever meet.

I am not a potato. Although I do have eyes…and potatoes also have eyes…

Moving on, my skills lie in making a total fool of myself no matter what the situation. 

  •       Said something hilarious about a person without realizing he was standing right behind me? Check.
  •       Laughed so hard I spat out water at my teacher’s feet? Double check.
  •       Ran into and managed to shatter a glass window? Well the real act took a lot lesser time than it did for me to type it out. *embarrassed shrug* But I now have a scar like Harry Potter’s (shaped more like a cloud actually) proudly occupying the left side of my forehead.

Contrary to what JessPotato believes, chocolate is definitely not the answer to any problem. The real solution is…*cue dramatic pause* - FRIES!! (and a cheeseburger if you have one).

 I love- MERLIN, SHERLOCK, HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT and way too many more things to list out.

Quote Time! AVADA  KEDAVRA! -  You Know Who    (yes, I’m punny that way)

I love horrors: zombies, inferi, Sauron and monsters inside mirrors.

Minions will always be my heroes and Leprechauns are the coolest creatures in the world!

I’m a sarcastic wishing well- you wish to be humiliated in a funny way, and I shall grant that wish. (I’m not entirely that evil…Sometimes I just don’t think hard enough)

My favorite color- the color of my ‘true love who does not exist yet’s’ eyes i.e. dark green!

I believe in all stereotypes even though that is a very bad habit. I just can’t help it if they’re funnier than reality!

I absolutely adore accents! I could be anything- Scottish, Irish, German, Russian- keep ‘em coming folks!

One thing I cannot live without- rock music. Andy Biersack makes my heart beat.

And another thing- This is the internet, so in spite of everything that I’ve written here, I might just be a ninety year old witch with a wart on my green nose (so watch out!- You’re next…)

The End

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