I hate scenery.

I hate the fact that someone can exploit my feelings without a single word but can create a picture to break down my walls without anyone noticing.

Because you know how to break me..

You've figured out how to shatter me without a single touch, and you wait. You being within distance of me makes me flinch and my fingers twitch, and my palms itch and I'm not sure how you do this but it irritates the shit out of me. 

And maybe I'm not supposed to respond. Maybe it's all so simple for me to just sit back and play along with your games but the thought of you and hearing your name begins to strain me. I'm in pain, sometimes dripping in envy leaving me empty, feeling like why was I even upset in the first place. 

Because you know how it hurts, you know my worth.. You hate that the frame fits better for me and in your case it's the worst. 

That's why I hate imagery, and I disregard your smiling face and have nothing but a bitter taste as a replacement in replacement of those prior engagements you made to engage in what you were no longer a part of, and I had taken your place. 

The End

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