Bellatrix: My Kind Of Place.

I’m not the worst type of vampire. I mean, I live off others dreams. I don’t harm them-well, in real life. But Hunters just don’t see that. We are all creations of evil, we are not meant to be here. We are unnatural. That’s what they say to get people in their ranks. To fight us and kill us one by one.

It’s not our fault. We can’t help being stronger faster and better than them. And prettier.  We all have our little talents as well, of course.  The ones that help us feed and survive. And I have to admit, mine is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to watch people’s dreams, and change them? I could change a nightmare into peace, and calm into fear. Not that I would. Well- I could- if I knew how. That’s why I’m here.

Here.  A school for vampires. It certainly looks the part. Dull iron gates, a dark mansion- all that was missing were the crows. I opened the gates- they creaked with rust and neglect- and took my first steps inside my new home. If the place was like this inside, I don’t think I would enjoy it as much.

‘Miss Simmons?’

I looked around, noticing a small man stood just to my side. I nodded. He beckoned for me to follow him up to the front door. He pointed to a pad, where I put my name and other things, before the door opened to let me in.

It was nothing like the outside, and I felt myself relax. Computers, radios, and- my instant favorite- a white sofa. Perfect. I was about to go and test it out when the man cleared his throat.

‘Shall I show you to your room then, Miss Simmons?’ he said. I sighed, but knew I would have a lot of time to claim the sofa as mine.

‘Go on then.’ I looked around the room again before walking out. Maybe I would like it here.

The End

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