Aiden: Joining The Looks of Hell

Being a vampire on constant move, I never had a place to call 'home'. Sanguinarians were especially at more risk as we took direct feeding from human blood. That's me and vampire hunters were always following my trail - close to catching me. Most sanguinarians found human mates who were willing donors to give their blood. But I preferred not to as that would create an intimate bond between the sanguinarian and the donor.

I rather liked to take small amounts of blood from various humans, preventing the bond from occuring. That only ticked off vampire hunters as more humans were left drained and exhausted. I never wanted to harm them. Feeding on their emotions is also possible for me but something I didn't favor as much.

Yet, standing in front of these tall iron gates and inspecting the dark mansion behind them, I knew it's the place I've been searching for. The place where I'd be able to unleash all my capabilities of being a vampire. In that way, I could never be spotted by the hunters and live my own life the way I need it to.

Pushing open the gates, I walked in, the fog encasing some of the buildings to my left, showing a thin outline of what appeared to be a tower. Any spectator would label this place as the "School of Gloom". Vampires never really were lively folk. Most hated what they are. Only rarely, do I see any bright ones and I highly doubt there would be anyone like that here.

"Mr. Pascal."

I looked down and saw a small hunched back man with flowing white hair leer back up at me. My height always made me feel like I was towering above others and it was no exception in this case. I followed him towards the large oak doors that provided as the entrance into the mansion. Signing my name onto the pad and filling other details, I placed it back where it was and automatically the doors creaked open.

I was greeted by the sight of white walls, floors, tiles. Everything was white and almost a little robotic looking. 

"This is the lounge where you and your fellow colleagues will spend your time," the man said in his hoarse voice before resuming on our tour.

"Now, for your room..."

The End

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