Seth: Horror House of Learning

Tall, iron gates erupted from the ground, and ended a meter above my head. Bat sculptures were cacooned in balls of iron bars. I stood, staring at the gothic gates before me.

I timidly set my pale, stone cold hand on the latch and opened the gates, which creaked with movement. For the first time in my life, I was nervous. I wasn't scared of the gothic theme to this huge, 'haunted house' mansion; I was scared because I wasn't going to be better than the people that would be around me. I wouldn't be above them in beauty, strength, speed, knowledge; they were all as skilled. Not like when I was surrounded by humans, who I thought to be beneath me.

I hid my nerves well as I took a deep, unnecessary breath, and walked along the long, mist covered path toward the tall monstrous building, that loomed over me. The towers were bent over, looking at me; judging me. I shook my head clear of any bad thoughts.

This was the school. It sure did look like a school for vampires, but it would've fit as a school for ghosts better. I was a vampire. Nothing could hurt me.


"Good evening, Mr Trotter." A dark, husky voice greeted from the shadows. An old, hunched-back man with long white hair, and a sour look on his face limped from the shadows. He now had a sneer on his face. He stretched his hand toward the two thick, heavy oak doors, inviting me to open them. There was no handle, just a pad and a pen stuck to the door. I picked up the pen, and signed my name and time of entry. I was told about this signing in business.

I walked in and was struck by the modern look of the interior. Everything was metal and white, and looked like everything had been made very recently. Computers and radios, and lots of different machines were scattered around, and there was a white sofa in the middle of the room.

"I'll show you to your room, Mr Trotter." The man said.

The End

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