Life as We Knew It

  Life can be related to many things found in it because it's such an enormous idea. I can do so with this book in an elementary way, literally. As Miranda in this book receives a bad grade, she tries to understand how she could improve upon it, I try to do the same. Yet this becomes difficult for her and everyone else when the world has a rather large conflict, yet some arise to the occasion and begin by gathering supplies to survive it. Some do exactly that, others weep, pray, each person in the book has their own way of handling the situation. An example of one child's reaction to it is Megan, who decides she found God, and stopped eating in total. The real world could eventually lead to similar events within economic growth. If over-consumption of goods continues to occur, it could collapse.

  While reading through the novel, my perspective of the world's consumption changed, it led to me thinking of ways it could happen causing a catastrophic event and how we take so many things for granite. The book also addresses many problems that could occur due to the event, and to society, like electricity and heat, and how much we actually require it. This novel is a great one which can help provide many new aspects on economy and the world in general, which I found intriguing. Yet, if I were to ever be exposed to a similar conflict, I'd do something relating to Miranda's (The protagonist) Mother's reaction to it. Although, I'd hope I wouldn't take it to such an extreme as she did.

The End

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