Abandoned Building SceneMature

Part 2: Write a scene showing yourself or made-up characters doing or interacting with whatever your ode describes. Should be at least 1 page double-spaced. Set the scene in a place right away. Show more than you tell. You might introduce a second character and try some dialogue.

A palace of plywood and sheet metal towers above us as we make our way through the littered courtyards below. The place has a distinctly skeletal quality to it, with structural support beams exposed and hanging down in a few locations, each one dripping with clumps of parasitic vegetation. At ground level the walls are covered with graffiti, mostly satanic glyphs, bubbly lettering, and crude phallic scribblings. A few anarchy symbols over there. A smiley face with a penis for a nose. Some flowery designs. There’s a tag that says, Welcome to the Ghetto. Next to that it says, No Justice, No Peace. Under that there’s a speech bubble that reads,Best Chest in the West.

The haunting noise of ancient metal is heard, briefly. Tuma says, this is so stupid. What are we doing here? What if there are squatters out here? Let’s just leave, guys.

“You can leave. I’m staying. I want to explore this place.”

Exploring. Such a foreign word to our generation. What’s left to explore? Nada. Like the twist ending of a great movie, the whole planet has been spoiled for the people who live on it. There’s no point going anywhere. The secrets have all been given away, sold out, quenched of their original mystery and wonder. Magellan. Columbus. Cortez.

What a bunch of fucking assholes.

Only a handful of the windows around me remain unbroken. CALVINO COLD STORAGE FACILITY is written in bold lettering above a rusting, disgusting service entrance that looks like it hasn’t been used in decades. Then I look over my shoulder and realize that everyone is leaving. It’s already late and I can still make out the nocturnal neon glow of the city through the chain-link fence. Cowards. They’d just slow me down anyway. No, if there’s anything worth finding in this place, I’ll just have to find it alone. Could be a hidden cache of cartel drugs and money. Could be important financial documents. Expensive corporate assets. Who knows? Maybe something completely unexpected will happen and make this story actually worth telling.

The End

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