Fang was blasting everything theat moved.  I was moving down the hall when I heard a loud growl at the end of the hall.  Out came a large and mean looking attack dog.  It barred it's grimy teeth.  It had definatly been pumped full of steroids.  The poor thing probably had no mind except spare the masters and maul the others.  I love animals, and this made me angry.  Those assholes think they can just make these things suffer for there own gain?  I quickly swung out my shotgun as the dog charged.  Zap!  My tazer bayonet electrocuted it.  It just collapsed dead.

"Rest in peace little guy."

I said petting it's head.  Then I herd the clicking of my geiger meter.  What the.  I walked down the hallway to the center of the ship.  The clicking got louder.  Ahead  was a door.  A control monitor.  Needed a acess code.  Normaly I would of hacked it.  But these were extra ordinary circustances.  So, I used another password for the computor.  LEAD.  Blam!  Door open.  Then the geiger meter clicked more and registered high levels of radiation.  And I saw why.  My mouth dropped open.  I yelled into my intercom.

"Fang!  I need help down here!"

"I am a bit busy right now!  You know, dodging bullets."

"I am sorry Sir!  But this is bad."

"I will be down there as quick as I can.  What's going on!"

"There is a large type three atomic ordinence in here!  It's a unstable nuke!"

The End

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