Keith, in the furious battle that raged around him, took a few moments to slip out of his position under the log and into a new one that faced the opposing side of the valley from his comrades. He found a suitable spot on which he would be propped up ontop of a large rock that jutted out from the ground and gave him a very stable firing platform. He immediatly plopped down on the rock and got back to work.

Watch for snipers, watch for snipers Keith reminded himself. From his new position he had a grand view of the opposite side of the valley and could easily spot potential hiding spots for enemy snipers or marksmen. He engaged the Infa-red ability on his Oracle scope and began methodically sweeping the area for any targets of opportunity. It didn't take long.

Hello there, Keith greeted mentally. He watched as the White-Hot visage of an enemy sniper shimmied along the outer edge of the valley trying to get a view on the battle below. Keith waited paitently for his prey to come to a complete stop before firing as it was unwise to fire at a target that was moving in the way that he was and at such range. The calculations done in his head, Keith took a large breath, held it in for a second and then began releasing it very slowly until he pulled the trigger. He felt his SR-578 kick against his shoulder as the round was propelled forward. As he re-sighted on his prey and worked the bolt of his rifle he watched the vapor trail of the round cut a near invisable path through the forest and into the enemy sniper. He watched as the enemy's body jerked as the round entered its back, severing the spinal cord immediatly. He was done, now onto the next.

So far the day had gone on quite well for Keith. His shots were all on target and he was exacting revenge for all of his comrades that had fallen that day. He chided himself for basically jinxing himself and continued to sweep the forest. Again it didn't take him long before he spotted his next target, or really, his target spotted him.

"For the Confederacy!" he heard being shouted to his left. Keith pulled out his G45 SMG and rolled off his rock perch, ready to engage his enemy, but really, he was just ducking. As the Confederacy soldier advanced readily upon the sniper that he had ambushed, he didn't see the neigh invisable lazer that cut its way through the underbrush. As he moved, he happened to step through and break the lazer's coherency and paid for it as he disappeared in a small explosion. On the other side of the rock, Keith was praising the creator of claymores. But he wasn't done yet.

"This is Keith, I'm displacing. Enemy forces have zero'd in on my location." He communicated to his comrades down in the valley below. Keith stood up, his eyes and G45 scanning the forest infront of him vigilantly, and quickly snatched his SR-578, turned and headed towards the next spot. Which he found under a couple of logs that had fallen ontop of eachother that was festooned with moss and various growths of flora which reminded him of a ghillie suit. He quickly slid under the logs and set up shot, which probably saved his life as a rifle round slammed into the log nearest the last position of his head.

Keith's reflexes kicking in, he set up his 578 and mentally reviewed the logical path of the enemy bullet. He angled himself so that his 578 would have an unobstructed view of the target area and scanned it quickly with the IR scope. He then watched as a second round, followed by a large CRACK followed the first bullet, this one striking the log well above him. But with this hasty double tap, Keith had seen the enemy sniper's rifle bloom with the shot and smiled inwardly as he centered his scope's reticule to just above his predator's body. He adjusted slightly as he made some very quick calculations, repeated the same breathing process, and then sent a reply back towards the Asian sniper.

The bullet gleefully tore across the valley-forest and then embedded itself in the target, this one slicing through its head, killing the man instantly. Keith smiled as he worked the bolt of his 578, it felt good to be countersniping again. He had almost forgotten the rush that came along with it. And needless to say, he would be getting quite a rush for the for-seeable future.

The End

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