Harbingers of WarMature

Rabid dogs of war ran through the cities ruins, firing non-stop. My back to the edge of the wall, I fed a fiber optic cable around the corner. An image displayed onto my left fore arm, showing a dusty street with civilians lined up against a wall. I whispered in my helmet "Sviyet, display distance."

Information went onto my helmets flickering HUD. Sixty meters from squad 15s last known position. 

Tired, I slumped against the wall, prying my helmet of. A seal hissed and my helmet clacked against the ground, it's visor reflecting the dragon tattoo on my face. Grabbing an MRE, I ate, exhausted. Those civies don't have much longer. Another side of me spat your objective is more important.

I can do both.

Squad 15 needs all the support they can get.

Sighing, my left hand grabbed my helmet, sealing it back onto my head. Dropping my MRE, I cloaked, moving in between the broken buildings. Gunshots rang and nine people dropped to the ground. Their executioners relaxed, glad that they were done. Minutes passed before I managed to sneak through their midst, closing in on the 15. A vehicle jumped around on the broken terrain, moving away from an EVAC bird. That EVAC bird is my best chance. I can't get there with my energy, though.

Kneeling, I deactivated my suit. My suit pushed me down and, with a great effort, my body went into a jog towards the EVAC bird. I sprinted on the rooftops in an effort to avoid squads, opting for single sniper CQC engagements. Twelve minutes later, I took cover by a four story high window overlooking the EVAC bird. A squad gathered outside it, aiming at the entrance. That's definitely 15.

Engaging my cloak, I aimed at the squad and fired at the leader. He screamed, fell on the ground and disappeared. His squad tracked my gunfire with computer assistance and fired on my location as they cloaked. Hiding behind concrete, my thoughts screamed what the hell?! These are spec ops!

A grenade flew past my eyes and exploded, throwing my body backwards out a window. Twisting in mid-air, I landed feet first onto the street, rolling. Pain shot up my ankles and bullets smacked into my suit. I sprinted to a dump truck, putting it and me between the line of fire. Back to the bumper of the truck, I slowed my breathing, trying to calm down. They're surrounding me and I don't have the firepower to take them on. That birds my only way out... if I leave a hologram here, I should be able to sneak onto the bird.

Sighing, I dropped the hologram and crawled towards the bird. In the sky, a frigate launched a volley of artillery fire, shaking the earth.

The End

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