Fang: Drop Off, Thanks.Mature

As I was lying on the floor of the van that had just picked me up the driver told me where I was going next.

"We're gonna drop you off with Springer and from there you'll meet up with Quan. So get ready in 6."

I nodded and stood up, waiting for the van to stop so I could jump out. After 6 minutes the van stopped, I threw open the door and jumped out and did an army roll to avoid landing badly. I took out my M9 and walked over to Springer.

"Hey, Keith. So you see Quan down there?"

I heard a silenced shot and saw someone down the canyon fall down.

"Yeah, he's down there."


Then, I go down the wall of the canyon and start running towards Quan.


Quan looks at me and smiles. "Hey, how're you doing?"

"Good, what's our objective?"

"Get to the evac ship."

"Take over?"

"Take over."

We run up to the evac ship and kick down the door. I go in first with my M9 and I take the hallway to the right. I sign to Quan that he should go to the left. He nods and goes in that direction. As I walk through I see one of the enemy soldiers. I take a shot and it hits in the head. Then, I realize, now they know I'm here.


The End

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