A way outMature

A RPG erupted behind me.  I could hear the rocket slice through the air and expload taking two marines down.  That left only me still alive.  The Asian trooper realized he had no more rockets.  My uzi was on the ground in front of me.  A reached out snatching it up.  I rolled over and slid across the muddy ground firing in the area of the hevy weapons man.  His head exploded raining brains and blood all over the ground.  I jumped up looking for more enemies to eradicate.  None.  A through out my shotgun that I had strapped to my back.  I moved ever closer to the valley.  I had heard about a evac ship in the nearby valley.  Perhaps the others were already there.  I made my move and ran twoard the evac point.  After about 3 minutes of running I found the canyon.  I jumped and slid down the side.  When I reached the bottom I saw a heavy asian marine.  He was armed with a large grenade launcher.  I silently walked over and shoved my shotgun into his mouth.  "Where is the evac ship."  He pointed a little ways away.

"Thank you."  I hit him hard and grabbed his gun.  He fell over and I ran.  Finally 300 meters ahead.  The dropship.  I needed to find help. 

As I thought that, a sniper bullet silently killed one of the guards.

The End

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