Outnumbered but more skilledMature

Lieutenant S.Decloak

"Enemy contact!" An Asian confed yells as I put a round through his buddy.

"Fuck you to." I reply taking the shotgun pistol in my left hand and blowing what little brains he had out," Captain I'm  near position, they don't expect a damned thing. What’s you situation?"

"We've been split up we lost Fang back somewhere. Sergeant major Springer is in position taking out any threats around us. We'll be ready in five." The captain replied.

"I'm sure we’ll pick Fang up later he isn't easy to kill. I will stay down low but, I don't know how long its gonna be before they find the trail of bodies I left on the way here. " I reply

"We're doing the best we can Lieutenant."

With that I sat there behind a few pieces of rock protruding out of the ground like shattered glass in a carpet full of destroyed metal. I reloaded my assault rifle cleaning the holographic scope, and barrel. As well as checking any damage done to my arm. A few of the pipes were leaking blue fluid everywhere from shrapnel damage. No wonder I wasn't fast enough on some knife kills. As I was making some repairs on my arm a few confed soldiers walked by and spotted some large amounts of blood on the ground from my sloppy work.

"Shit." I cursed under my Breath, they couldn't get at me at worse time. I hurriedly replaced the damaged component, and got my arm back online as I held the shotgun pistol close to me as they got closer.

"Come on you piece of shit." I cursed at my arm as the parts began to power the modules and pumps, and receptors.

As they get closer, one points at me and raises his gun ready to fire. Fuck this shit! I jumped quickly and pressed the trigger rapidly killing them as bullets narrowly missed me.  However the noise alerted the troops surrounding the bird. I dropped to the ground as my arm gave me a beep to let me know it was ready to be used.

"Now you come on?" I mutter angrily grabbing my assault rifle. I crawled behind a concrete median as bullets hit the ground all around me.  Bringing myself and the gun into position I see the rest of the squad getting ready behind the enemy forces who were shooting sporadically at my position.

"My turn." I say opening fire at all the troops in the open.

“Open fire!" Cries Yurville as they charge towards me. It was not a well planned attack but it work perfectly as the Asian soldiers were peppered with heavy fire behind and a slight crossfire coming from me as I took out anyone who had managed to take cover from the rest of squad 15.

"Good job everyone lets get on this thing!" Yurville says triumphantly before his head exploded from sniper fire.

"Oh fuck! Everyone listen to me get down!" I scream into the radio," Springer do you have an angle on this bastard?" I ask hoping the guy could hear me.

"Where the hell are you guys? I'm 50 from the drop site and I don't see you."

"Roger that. We'll be at your five in three." Responds a corporal who drives into area recklessly with a squad fifteen Raider.


"Corporal watch out for sniper fire!" I yell as the raider is hit with supersonic fire nearly being the death of the corporal.

"Got him."  Springer responds finally.

"Good everyone pile in we might have 15 minutes grace before reinforcements arrive. Corporal get Fang and Springer Quickly!"

"Yes sir!"


The End

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