Blood dripped of my knife as the soldier fell to the ground, blood gushing out of his neck. I cloaked, quietly walking down the hallway despite the booms of mortars. Slowly, I stopped at the end of the hall and put a spoon around the corner. Clear.

My feet shifted around the corner and I wiped my bloody knife on the wall. Satisfied, I slid it back into it's sheaf, planting a cloaked IFF low explosive on the ground. My eyes scanned the hall and I walked forwards, ducking as a stray round tore through a window ahead. Hazy, my ears tuned into the city wide conflict and away from the soft noises of the hall. Guns went of non-stop and got little chance to be heard admist the high velocity artillery fired from orbit, shattering buildings and imitating thunder. Focus, not your problem, finding the 15th is.

The noise soon became un-noticable as I concentrated on moving to the first window facing east. Moments passed and I moved through a wooden door and into a conference room, a shattered window facing the falling sun. Smiling, I disengaged my cloak and laid down at the window, using my visors high resolution to zoom in. Concrete flew out of the side of a nineteen story building, a pool beside it exploding. The building crumbled, a few lucky civilians running away. Their bodies exploded as soldiers ambushed them, making sure to take kill shots. Not your problem, not your problem, 15, gotta find them.

A distinctive low intensity explosion grabbed my attention. I engaged my cloak, wincing at the dwindling energy and looked at my trap. Twisted bones and ripped flesh barely resembling a dog layed on the floor, blood seeping out. Tech has to figure out that IFF system!

My cloak disengaged and I rolled over, eyes scanning for squad 15. A reticle lighted up in my helmet, tracking a squad in the distance. I zoomed in, seeing a squad split in two as a cloaked unit, moving in to pincer a few squads made of grunts. Zooming in further, my visor scanned the number 15 cloaked on a mans arm as he took cover behind a brick wall, heat escaping from a tear in his suit. Got six kilometres to go, that's half a day depending on resista-

"Kila falmasha!"

I crouched, cloaking. Quietly, I turned around and saw a six year old girl walking down the hallway, crying. A distinctive click-clack churned my stomach. Cringing, I approached the kid and de-cloaked, sliding my gun onto my back. The kid cried "Kila falmasha ni! Galla dis miena!"

My body locked up and the kid exploded, tossing my body backwards. A low in-human voice boomed in my helmet "Human IED used, un-locking armour."

Breathing hard, my body relaxed on the ground. An energy counter in my HUD displayed 2% . Groaning, I got back up and moved down the hallway and inevitable towards 15, thinking keep moving, just keep moving... I won't dream tonight, I won't dream tonight.

The End

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