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Sgt. Maj. Keith Springer

Things had gone from bad, to worse, to hell-in-a-handbasket very quickly. Now, instead of being evacuated from the planet and rallying for a counter-attack, he was stuck on a now enemy controlled planet with little hope for evac except for one transport at the bottom of a valley. Inteligence? Nope. Support? Nada. Targets? Many. It was beginning to be a regular day out in the field.

Keith had been on missions like this before. Snipers were called to do so on a regular basis, so for him to be in a situation like this was his home turf in a sense. He quickly checked his Tac-Screen for the objective, took care in stepping over the body of the Asian Confederation soldier who he had just eliminated, and set off.

As he made his way cautiously and methodically towards the evac point, his mind vectored off and began reliving past operations. Assassinations on Virgil II, recon on Mardicia before the Alliance's invasion and numerous others. He paused, shook his head clear of the memories that were clouding his brain and pressed onward.

An hour and 3 Confederate patrols later and he was within sight of the evac bird... which was surrounded by Confederate soldiers. Great. Keith scanned his surrounding area and saw a large tree that had fallen in the woods on the side of the valley. It was covered in moss and partially by some undergrowth that had began to spring back into life after the abrupt arrival of the log. It was just what he needed.

Taking care not to give himself away to any Confederate soldiers that might be wandering about, he crawled under the fallen treen and positioned himself so that he had a good view of the target area. Once he was certain that he had completed the task without alarming any unfriendly persons nearby, he then slowly moved his SR578-AM4 sniper rifle into position and set the bipod up into its ready position. Then, looking through his rifle's powerfull Oracle E-13 scope, he selected his first target of the day. Which happened to be a corporal who was taking a piss some distance away from the main group.

Range: 513 meters; Declination: 3.4; Wind speed: Negligable. All in all, it would be easy pickings for him as this was basically a standard shot. He even had elevation on his side. He factored all of this into his scope which automatically adjusted for him. Keith took aim, slowly raising the crosshair in his sights to line up just above the soldier's head. He then took a deep breath, began releasing it slowly and... fired.

He watched through his scope as the round tore through the valley at super-sonic speed, and thankfully no noise due to his rifle's sound suppressor, and finally cut through the Confederate soldier's midsection, killing him instantly. He paused a moment over the target, verifying the kill, then moved onto the next target to continue working his ghostly art. He had a while to go.

The End

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