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When earth acheived interstellar transportation a race between the Americain continents , and asia for collecting the most colonies splitting the the world in two. Wars break out on colonized planets earth and even in space. In a matter of days Asia takes control of earth, and American continents are forced to pull back to the second most developed planet Archilles. Both sides reach a peace treaty until Asia alliance decides to strike the Archille federation of colonies. Quickly Asia attacks a s


General James Smith

"The AA ships have destroyed the shields and ships are coming are breaking Atmo now." Cries Lieutenant colonel Fraggerson.

" Return fire, get ready to intercept and destroy all invaders. What does the Alliance think they are doing?" The General cursed.

"Sir! Enemy drones have taken planetary defence systems on the southern continent enemy ships have landed and overwhelmed all of our troops there."

"Curse them why aren't we able to defend ourselves?" He shouted.

"They are using energy weapons and they have destroyed all the eastern continent bases and are making landings on southern and eastern continents. However heavy resistance is being found in some of the minor areas and in two of our capital cities but they won't last long if we don't get air support!" 

"Incoming message from Achilles!"

"Get it on now we need reinforcements now!" The general shouted.

"General James make a full retreat, we are unable to counter such concentrated fleet of the Alliance ships. Get everyone out as fast as you can."  Military commander Keates orders over the message.

"General?" the lieutenant colonel asks.

"You heard the man Get everyone to retreat! Now!" General James barked slamming his hands on a computer console showing the trajectory of enemy ships entering the atmosphere.

" All troops we are going to attempt a full scale Retreat. All commanding officers get your men to these pick up points. All space ship captains military on none military prepare your ship for heavy damage!" Shouted a subordinate into a global communicating system.


Squad fifteen Lt S. Decloak

"What the fuck is goin....." Boom Sargent Vischelle died as a massive cruiser flew overhead firing down upon the underground base. The robotic anti aircraft guns went offline as either they were blown apart or the power grid had given up.

"Captain Yurville!" I screamed into the radio.

"Yes Lieutenant?" Yurvilles voice crackled over the radio.

"Our pick up was blown apart! Can we hitch a ride from another landing site?" I yelled at the top of my lungs as explosions sounded from every. Debris fell all around me as I stepped around dead bodies, or just body parts.

"We can try but most of the drop ships that have gone to ferry us up have already got everybody or might be compromised soon." Yurville replied.

"Sir, enemy drop ships are landing everything has gone to hell!" Yelled a one of the Sargents.

"All troops left on Base 95 we are pulling out. We recommend you find cover. And wait further instruction." A radio communication from command sounded.

"FUCK!" Yurville cursed," We're getting ditched! Squad fifteen we need to take that Troop transport on the valley bottom. Prepare yourself for heavy fire!" Captain Yurville ordered.

"Yes sir, I will flank the enemy from the left." I say taking cover behind a concrete block as heavy machine gun fire pepper across the mountain side. 

"You do that lieutenant I will take the others and have a group flank from the right." Yurville responded.


The End

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