A Writing Exercise A Day ...

A writing exercise a day keeps the rejection letters away ... or at least, I hope so.

... keeps the rejection letters away.

Or at least, that's the plan, and I hope it works. Basically, this is where I'm going to post an exercise every day (not starting yet, it's NaNo) and hope that after a month I'll really be able to see the improvement! At the top of each page I'll write what the challenge was, and then I'll post my attempt. They'll probably vary a lot although I might go back and do the same one again after a couple of months, to see if there's been an improvement.

These will be things I've read in writing magazines, seen on the internet, heard here on Protagonize ... all aimed at making me a better writer.

If you could rate them honestly and say what could be improved I'd be immensely grateful, since that's the point of this!

The End

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