I paused at the top of the steps, wondering. Wondering if I should tell anyone else. I figured mom would love it- the fact that I'd finally written something that seemed to matter. That seemed good.

I inhaled, dragging the air around me deeply within my lungs, and holding it there for a moment. I could have sworn that hours passed in that second, in that heartbeat of time that it took me to think. To breathe.

"...Wait till its fin." I turned and started clomping back down the stairs. " Until there's something that can't be flashed through." I felt the smile widen. " Mom'll be proud." I would make sure that she was. That Dad was...

I sat back down infront of the piano, pressing the notebook back into the smooth grain of its wood. I clutched the pen in the thin fingers of my right hand, and let the words spiral out across the page.

"I'm going to leave this village, and make something of myself. I am not going to be a joke all my life." He said quietly. He stood up, and shook himself. 

"You always say that. You never will." a boys voice reached him. He looked round, to see his brother stood there. 

"You watch me." He spat back at him, but his brother just laughed. That angered him most of all. The laughter. 

"Go on then." His brother said to him, lifting his sister off the ground. "Leave us." 

Rudolf looked at Licia, and then back to his brother.


And with that he turned, and walked away. He was going to find something better. He was going to make a fortune, and then he would come back for his family. He would show the men in the village, that he was going to succeed. 

It was finally his chance to be something better.





The End

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