I put my pen down, yawning. I had been writing non stop, since I had started. I couldn't help it. All these idea's were coming to me, and I wanted to get them down. I looked at the clock, and saw I had been sat there for hours. It was half one in the morning. 

I got up stretching. Josephine was curled up on the couch, fast asleep, and I smiled as she twitched. 

"Isabel, Izzy, Izzy, Isabel." I said to myself, walking into the kitchen. "You may have just started a master piece." 

Pressing my answer machine, the woman's voice screeched out 'one new message'. 

"Izzy, bizzle. I thought we were going prom dress hunting today. You promised. Good job, Tony offered to come instead. It's beautiful. I'm bringing it round to show you tomorrow, so you best be in. I'm expecting the worlds best apology, so be prepared. Anyway, bye bye." 

The phone clicked off, and the sound of my younger sisters voice disappeared. I had totally forgot about that, being so entranced into the story. Sugar, she was not going to be happy tomorrow. 

Yawning again, I decided to call it a night. I would finish it off tomorrow, before she came round. Looking back over what I had wrote, I grinned. It was amazing, if I didn't say so myself. 

Rudolf slammed his fist into the tree. He was sick of it. Sick of everyone telling him what he couldn't do. Being looked down on, because his family had no money. The shame of the other men laughing at him, when he walked through in rags. 

His younger sister walked closer to him, worriedly.

"Rudolf. Please, stop. Your going to hurt yourself." She said, quietly. She took his fist into her palms, and inspected his fists. But he grabbed them away, and booted the ground in anger. 

"I don't care. I'm sick of us being the joke of the village. I want to be someone, Licia." He spat. He fell down, and leant against the tree, putting his head into his hands. She knelt down opposite him, waiting for him to speak. She knew by know that the best thing to do was be patient. 

"What's the use of being in great Wotallia, if we can't even afford a piece of bread due to the taxes." He sighed. He was angry because he had walked into the bakery, trying to get food for his family, but had been laughed at when he had handed over the short about of money. 

"Fathers doing better this year. He'll be back to work soon, too." She said to him, but he shrugged it off. His father was always going to be too ill to work. He had become the man of the house, and he hated it. 

"I'm going to leave this village, and make something of myself. I am not going to be a joke all my life." He said quietly. He stood up, and shook himself. 

"You always say that. You never will." a boys voice reached him. He looked round, to see his brother stood there. 

"You watch me." He spat back at him, but his brother just laughed. That angered him most of all. The laughter. 

"Go on then." His brother said to him, lifting his sister off the ground. "Leave us." 

Rudolf looked at Licia, and then back to his brother.


And with that he turned, and walked away. He was going to find something better. He was going to make a fortune, and then he would come back for his family. He would show the men in the village, that he was going to succeed. 

It was finally his chance to be something better.



The End

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