“I don’t see why I couldn’t go . “ The party was only until three in the morning, and all that was going to be served was punch and chips.  The usually cranky door didn’t even creak a tiny bit as mom stubbornly leaned against the door, putting all of her frail weight against it.

“ You’re not going.” She murmured, her slender fingers reaching behind her to anxiously tug at the lock. “mom, some lousy little lock isn’t going to stop me. Besides, dad lost his key again.” A cold shiver ran up my spine. The one lock on the front door was a heavy, rusted deadbolt, which,when turned,  was more a pain to unlock from the inside than the out .

  Her eyes narrowed and she sighed. I took a step closer to her, arms outstretched ,ready to apologize , and hug her, and… dart out the door before she could catch me.  “ well , “ she glanced down, and i could’ve sworn i saw a tear start to form, “ he’s just going to have to sleep with the dogs tonight.”

The deadbolt groaned shut as she grinned, slowly lifting her head.  “no, mom!”

“Yes!” She said, fingers making rapid clicking noises as her knuckles popped.  You see, mom used to play piano, and she was one of the best.  She could play and rewrite chopin pieces for herself and even instruments that she’d never played before. After she had me, she couldn’t play as much anymore because she didn’t have the time. She never had the time. Yet she’d never grown out of wiggling her fingers whenever she was happy, like she was playing her piano again.

She gently laid a hand on my shoulder, pulling me into a hug .” I’m sorry dory, but i just don’t believe that a girl your age should be out partying all hours of the night.”

I pulled away from her, my eyes two wide almonds,” I’m nineteen.”

“ And I’m your mother, and I say no. Besides, remember  the last time you were out?”   I winced.  “ How you came home and singed the furniture? Not happening again.” She moved passed me into the living room. “ Go work on your next masterpiece!” She yelled it loud enough for the neighbors to hear her. I stood there for a few seconds, before i turned and stormed down the steps to the den.

My dad had remodeled the den for my mom, so she could have a quiet place to read and make music. After I turned seventeen, they both decided that it was okay for me to live ’on my own’ downstairs,just so I could get use to it. 

In one corner, was mom’s grand piano, and across from it , my bed. I settled down on the small, cushioned seat before the piano, and laid my hands on the keys. Splayed out on top of it were a few scraps of line paper a notebook, and a pale brown package.  I grasped the package in my hands, turning it around to see who had sent it.

“ Hey mom!” I yelled, standing up ,and moving to the stairs. “ Who did this box come from?”

“ I don’t know  Dory, but it was addressed to you.” She yelled back. “Okay.” I stammered, spinning it in my hands again, only to see my name scrawled along one side.  I sat back down at the piano and gently peeled the tape away from one end, and dumped its contents onto the piano.

A pen clicked gently against the glossy black surface.  I picked it up, studying it. Orange animals seemed to run across its shimmering black surface as i spun it. A sudden shock of inspiration hit me as i watched them:  a lion ,tiger and bear leaping across it, toward the point , and a dragon , gliding over them, mouth open wide in a snarling grin as the others appeared to snap at it. I snatched my notebook , and tore the few , measly pages of my third , lackluster young adult novel out.  I pressed the button on the end of the pen , hand poised over the paper. The page was so fresh ,and so new looking, that as I set the point down to it, I carefully scrawled the words in my best handwriting:

The queen of watollia, was very nervous. The king and his men had travelled far, to kill the dreaded dragon that was haunting there kingdom, and he had not returned yet. Two weeks it had been and yet there was no word from him. 

She looked out of her window, staring at the land before her. Watollia certainly was magnificent. Being in between the towering forest, where the elves were settled, and the spectacular mountains where the dwarfs lives, they were highly protected. 

Just then there was a knock at the door...."

It was so perfect that I couldn’t believe that it was coming from me. I pulled the notebook along with me as I flew up the stairs, the pen held to my heart and a smile on my face.


The End

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