A Writers AdventureMature

Six authors are just starting off. They have published a few books, but nothing that has lifted off. Nothing that screams brilliance. They are all waiting for there big break. Then in the post, each author is sent a parcel. 

Opening the parcel, they find a pen. Though this is no ordinary pen. When they sit down to write with it, it comes up with a master piece. Quickly getting it out there, it is soon discovered that all six authors have wrote the same thing. 

But that's not all. When they all get together, they are suddenly taken from their ordinary lives, and find them selves in the world that they have created. 

A world full of elves, dwarfs, witches and wizards. Talking trees, and glorious castles. Dragons and centaurs. Just your typical fantasy tale. Then they begin to meet their main characters, befriending some. How can they stand by though, watching the story go along, knowing that soon some will die? 

Here are the authors: 







These are the people you get to choose. Of course little details that are in the author guidance can be changed, but I'd prefer it if you kind of stuck to that outline. 

Later on in the story, I am going to need five more characters, that are actually in the authors story. I want a village boy, an elf, a dwarf, a young princess and a witch.



The End

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