Interview: Jenny #01

Hi, Jenny. Sorry, I hope you don't mind that I need to interview you.
No, that's fine. I can't think of anything that you don't already know which would make me at all uncomfortable!

All right then. Tell me about your family. What were their names?
Well, my father's name was James, though Mum called him Jimmy when he was being stupid. Her name was Alexandra. My older sister (by two years) was Melanie, and my younger brother (eight years younger) was Jack. But when my parents split up I went with my father and they went with Mum, so we didn't see each other much.

Any particular reason you chose to stay with your dad?
Not really. We were always close and Mum had a lot on her plate with the other two, so I thought it would lessen the load on her. Besides, me and Dad had more in common. We had the same sort of goals and interests in life. I guess that was the real reason.

That makes sense. Moving on -- you were the one to rescue Mai, is that right?
Yeah. I'd never even met her before, and my only clue to her appearance was what Sunny and Olivia told me. But she looked pretty different when I walked into the room! Still, I knew it had to be her ... there was just something about her face that seemed to strike a chord.

Was it a shock?
What, to see her like that? Yeah. It would have been whoever it was. But realising that I would have to coax her back to health, that it was my job to make her better and sort her out ... that really struck deep.

I'm guessing it was hard work to look after her.
It wasn't that bad, because she was very patient. With anyone a little more difficult than Mai it would have been a nightmare.

She's very sweet like that, isn't she? Okay. So, have you met the Commander?
Once, very briefly. We ran into each other somewhere on the journey. But it wasn't a long meeting.

Tell me about you. Are you human?
I think so. I always assumed I was. But there are these colours inside my eyes and they spin round--it's pretty cool, actually. In time to my heartbeat, I discovered that it was, and in whichever direction they please. My skin changes colour too. If I'm hot it's like a tan, and if I'm cold I look like a ghost. But I never found out why.

Interesting. Does that make it hard to make friends?
I don't know. I've never been a 'people person' anyway, though perhaps it's because of my appearance.

Okay, thanks for that!
You're welcome! See you soon.

The End

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