Interview: Mai #02

Hi again, Mai! Sorry I had to ask you to come back. There really wasn't much time the other day.
(Mai laughs). There's not much time now, either. I make it that we've got around five minutes before we both have to leave.

That's true. So, we'll get on with this. How did you meet Olivia?
We were friends from school, and we lived near each other. It was a parental thing, too, because her parents knew my mother. Obviously, everyone knows the Commander.

And then you ran into her again on Earth. Was that a surprise?
Not really. We were on the same tour and I got separated, so I guess it makes sense that she'd wander off too. Meeting on the Bus was a surprise at first, but I recognised her pretty instantly, even though she was in the form of a spider.

Does she spend a lot of time as a spider, then?
Yeah, she does. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

How about Jenny. How did you meet her?
She ran into Sunny, another friend, at an airport in Switzerland. Sunny, with help from Olivia who by that time had met up with them, explained my situation and how I'd gone missing; Sunshine had actually just come from the Port and knew that Jed was in the area. Jenny was the one who rescued me.

Is 'Sunshine' Sunny's real name?
Yeah, it is, I should have explained. Sorry! A lot of girls where we're from are named after weather or seasons -- Summer, Snow, Sunshine ... I once knew a girl called Cloud, though I've never met anyone called 'Rain'! I think my friend's cousin was called Raina, though ...

We've run out of time again! You must be very busy what with ... everything. Can't spoil things for the readers.
No, indeed you can't! It's weird, thinking of them knowing everything that happened to me. I still find it hard to talk about.

I guess you would. Anyway, I'll have to see you again soon.
Yeah, sure. Bye!

The End

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