Myths And Legends: The Blood-drinker

One of the fearsome creatures that had been passed down into legend among the Elarine was the Blood-drinker. A human would have called them a vampire, not understanding that there was a difference, but a comparison would have shown that although related, they were in no way the same thing. A vampire must drink blood to survive. They burn in sunlight, so sleep during the day, and detest the sight of holy artefacts, and holy water is poison to them. Garlic causes huge rashes on their skin (contrary to popular belief, it does not in fact kill them.)

            A Blood-drinker, on the other hand, has made a personal decision to drink blood because they believe it gives them strength. For some it does, and for others it does not, but that is a matter of family background and genetics: some systems are adapted to the cruel diet and others are not. On the day they first take this drink, something inside them changes and they become different. Sunlight is not a problem, except for their eyes which become pale and more suited to night time, able to see in the dark but requiring sunglasses during bright days. Holy artefacts are not a problem––though their strong aesthetic sense often warns them away from such things––and as for holy water, that seems rather a waste of time. Garlic has the disadvantage that it makes their breath smell. They are very hard to kill.

            The first of the Blood-drinkers was a being named Kayin. He was only sixteen when he decided to change his future. Reasoning that blood was what kept us alive, he decided that it would give him a longer life and more strength, he left his house and took from her play a little girl, seven years of age. With a knife he cut her hand and pressed it to his mouth. Her cries he stifled with a hand across her small mouth.

            She did not die, but went on to become one of the primary researchers into what was then the Blood-drinker research facility. Nobody knew anything about them and she made it her business to find out. Later, she was the only one to discover how to kill them, and she managed to dispose of around ten. Her method was to trick them into revealing their names and then to engrave it onto a sword, which she would thrust through their heart. But she never found Kayin, because he had fled to the wild––or perhaps to another planet; nobody was ever sure.

The End

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