Interview: Mai #01

Hi, Mai. I’m glad you could come to meet me today. I suppose you’re pretty busy at the moment, but do you have time for me to ask you a few questions?
(She shrugs) That’s why I came. Sure, go ahead.

You’re not from Earth, is that right? Tell us a little bit about your planet.
It’s called Home. It’s a beautiful place and so far we’ve managed not to wreck it quite as much as you humans have! We orbit two suns so predicting how long the year is going to be is quite a challenge, and our months aren’t very regular. We don’t run on a calendar basis like humans do, so it’s not as much of a problem as you might think. The planet is probably around a third bigger than the Earth, and it’s got three moons. The one you can see most from where I live is ‘Celn’. It’s the smallest of them all, but closest.

And how about the species? Is it just you––tell us more about you if you would like––or are there are other ‘intelligent’ species on the planet?
(Mai thinks for a moment) There is one main species and that’s us. We’re called the Elarine, but everyone just calls us Shapeshifters because that’s what we are, or Shifters if they’re too lazy. By ‘everyone’, I’m meaning humans and people from other planets. We’re born into a human form and don’t develop our powers for quite a long time, but when we do we can change into anything we like. Our human form is always the same, whatever we were before we Shifted into it! However, some people have the powers to make permanent alterations, and they get quite good business. Other people choose to Shift permanently into one shape, though it’s going out of fashion at the moment.

Wait, people from other planets? How many are there?
Oh, quite a few. Unlike the Earth, we’re on friendly terms with most of them. Well, all of them except one, and that one doesn’t really count, because they don’t talk to anybody. Our shuttles go everywhere and we have quite a pocket of our people in most places.

I’ll ignore the jibe at Earth there to ask you about yourself. How old are you?
In human terms, I’m probably around thirty years old. Like I said, we don’t really run on a calendar system, and we have longer lives anyway. I’d say that I’m considered to be like an eighteen-year-old to you, or I’m treated like one anyway.

I see. Well, I’m very sorry, but I have to leave now. Perhaps we could meet up again and I could ask some more questions?
(Mai looks uncertain) Yeah, I guess so … okay. See you soon!

If you have any questions about Mai and/or her species, please post them below and I will ask her in our next ‘interview’. Thank you!

The End

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