A Way Home

Mai's Story. What was it? A little idea, a spin-off from my first ever collaborative story, the Protagonize bus, and yet it's become something so much more. Sure, so it's not my long-term project at the moment and I've never done much with it since abandoning the draft in my computer, but it's got potential.

It was the first time I ever tried to fully invent a new race. Before, I was developing on ideas by other authors, or from legend. But shape-shifters, well, they've been used before, that's true. Not, however, in the way that I used them.

I think it was my first success at making a planet, too. Home -- an unoriginal name, to be sure, but it worked -- was Mai's home planet, and the home planet of Sunny, Olivia, and the Commander. That was another way in which the story was different from anything I'd written before: I didn't make up Sunny OR Olivia OR The Commander, but adopted them from other writers to make them my own. Credit must go to the Protagonists who invented them. A year on, I can't even remember.

But I've never really worked all that hard on the background work of a story, and so that's what this is. My notes. "A Way Home" -- referring, of course, to the planet. Here I'll outline the ins and outs of the species and the geography of the planet; here I'll join up fragments of plot and try desperately to make it make some sort of sense. It will be hard work. I think I can do it.

Let me know if anything doesn't make sense or the continuity sucks. Suggestions also welcome.

The End

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