Ian: On the mission.

" Sir we lost contact with a long distance team. Their radios went dead a few minutes ago. No report , Nothing." A short man says

" Tsark, They probably went underground that was part of their mission." Solak reassures the informant.

" Now to answer your question Ian. No, nobody is going with you. I'm sorry to be rude but I would like it if you went now." Solak turned to me. He handed me a navigation console marking the area I needed to go to.

I didn't like being ordered around by this resistance , but it seemed I needed a ride back to Jagora some way.  Or atleast establish some trust between these people and Jagora.  I turned around and left Solak's office.  I took some old crumbling stair back to the surface. The fog was still making it a white out.   It was also raining , hmm crummy day for a walk.

A little later on I arrived on the dot. It was a building made of a metal substance I have never encountered. It had many turrets , camera's , and other security devices.  It looked advanced. All I had to cover me up from deadly weapon fire was my plasme proof long jacket that had camoe skin that when activated mimicked the background. The plasma jacket couldn't take direct fire from the turrets and weaponry in this vicinity. There is going to no way the resistance could take this place down.

The End

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