The room was large and dark with columns and at the end a small memorial-like altar. Large Oak double doors at the other end opened letting in a maelstrom of wind and rain, the flames flickering casting eerie shadows against the walls.

Several officers entered, slamming the door shut behind them with some difficulty, bearing assault rifles as they walked down the aisle, up the stairs and towards the altar.

"Can't see a thing," Connor muttered. He lit a flair and tossed it into the inky blackness behind the columns. A shadow passed across it, "crap, what was that?" he shouted, jumping.

"Dude, ease up on my arm!" he looked at his hand, tightly clutching Jones' forearm.

"Sorry," he muttered and took a deep breath.

"Fine, I'll go check it out, alright?" his voice was irritated as he passed into the darkness.

The other 3 officers approached the altar, making the sign of the cross.

"For those that have died," Collins whispered, the others nodded their heads.

"Where's Jones gone to?" Miller walked towards the columns, "hey Jones what did you find?" Nothing.

He was about to walk back when something landed in front of his face. He tried to make out what it was, moving his head through the columns so the others couldn't see it.

The body fell back, the head no longer on it.

"What the hell?" cried Connor

"Let's get out of here!" Collins cried

They began to run. Connor heard a thump and looked back to see some sort of whip tied around Collins' legs, being dragged toward the darkness. There was a muffled scream and then silence.

Connor reached the door and pulled. It was jammed. Looking at the lock it seemed to have been soldered shut.

There was a thump behind him.

Connor turned around. In front of him was a tall thing. It had a mask on it's head, a small snout shape with an overhanging brow above a yellow visor, the top turning to a spike at the back. He wore a breast plate with more armor on his arms except his elbow (his hands having claw-like gloves), his legs (which were the shape of a jackals) except his waist and knees, the space betwwen this covered with something that looked oddly like chainmail. It was black but shimmered gold as it exited the shadows.

It's breath rattled, rumbling like thunder. It hissed low and guttural.

Grabbing Connor by the neck it choked him, making a jackal-like laugh as it tossed the man aside.

The creature walked to the centre of the room.

“Chief,” he said and the helmet crackled.

“Why do you call?” I deep voice called.

“I have laid waste to four more humans, they did not even put up a fight, why must I be here?” he asked.

“You know your role Zorak, find the perpetrators… and kill them,” his voice cracked like thunder.

“But surely these aren’t the people that destroyed our world; I could kill them in my sleep!”

“Be wary Zorak, humankind is vicious and resourceful and they have many cunning tricks up their sleeve, they would do the same albeit worse if the situation were turned around,” he warned.

“Received Chief, Zorak out.”

The communications went dead.

Zorak raised his arm and pointed his hand at the door. A huge bolt of energy erupted from a bump on top of his wrist, blasting a large whole in the wood.

“Find them, kill them, save our world… simple.”

The End

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