The plan

Solak didn't reply to my snotty comment. He lead me through the computer room, through his small but somewhat impressive armoury. To his little office it was full of books, paper, clips, maps, and a few computers.

" You are really organised about this." I said looking around.

" Well I know you wouldn't believe me but The Master has weapons beyond anything that we have come to make. That assualt rifle your holding his equivlelant sized weapon can fire nonstop for what seems like minutes. Also the blast read a greater level or comprresion in the plasme, and it has more destructive ability. So we try for a more tactical approach. We ambush run and dig tunnels."

" I see. So what can I do for you?" 

" Well you have the ability to heal yourself and so you would be a perfect person for Reconiassance. We found out where they are based but you need to enter their base , And if possible be destructive. Also since your not from the parts they won't blame us. So don't be surprised If you get tailed." Solak said

" Okay all seems good. One question though. Is anyone coming with me?"

The End

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