Am I in the wrong crowd?

" We are meeting up with the rest of the resistance. Do not show off you healing gift." Solak tells me , he begins to walk forwards into the beaten down town.

" Okay."  I followed. 

People backed away as we walked through the town they looked scared. I look down on of the dirty broken streets of Torta. I caught a glimpse of Clara she saw me and the two brothers. She gave me a disaproving , and a look of worry in the same look.Am I hanging with the wrong crowd? I looked up ahed I was lagging behind the two giants. I quickened my pace.

" Hey. Why are people afraid of you guys?" I ask

" People think the path we walk will only bring more trouble. They say killing the Master will bring the Master's Master which will only give us more grief. They also believe killing people won't get us anywhere." Solak says well composed.

" It may not be the right way to go around it. This master guy though doesn't seem to talk any other language. If you need to get rid of him without trouble comeing you way I could do the work. I've only seen destruction and war my hole life. I was born on the day of the ultimate war. This is the only time of a sort of peace I've ever seen."  I say.

" Thats good becuase that is our plan." Kalos says

We entered another giant mettalic door but this one had a red circle with a hand and pick axe in hand. I guess it was there way of saying resistance in a indiscrete way.  Behind the doors was probably the cleanest place in Torta.  Except the fact that all electronic devices looked like they we're thrown together.

" Well what you think." Solak tries to impress me.

" Sorry Solak your mouth would drop of what Jagora has." I said


The End

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