The beaten down town of Torta

As we ran at a swift pace through the intensly foggy landscape I struggled to keep my footing. I kept running into wreakage of some war machine or destroyed building. Solak lead the way, They seemed to be running out of breath. 

" Come on guys they are not to far behind us." I said grabbing Kalos shoulder.

They guy was a solid as a wall. He didn't move I just close lined my self. I landed on my butt. Solak muffled a laugh on his sleeve. 

" Don't worry about it." Kalos said quietly as he kneeled down. 

Solak dug through the dirt to fins a string he tugged on it. Sudden;y ground began to shift as it began to move to the sides.

" Jump in!" Solak ordered.

I simply dropped in. I landed softly on a pile of sand. I got out of the way before Kalos dropped down. I never took notice of the guy's solidness but the guy shoulder where as wide a old vending machine, and he was pure muscle but the guy had enough to scare anyone off. His landing shook the ground. Solak then followed then the hole began to close. Solak compared to his older brother Kalos was a skinny twig. But realisticaly he was pretty strong too. Where there parent muscle builders or bread for a war?Either way the guys were huge.

" Welcome to Torta Ian." Kalos said moving a large metalic door. 

I looked out and saw this ragged town full of uneven wooden housing. People layed on the streets either dead or dead tired. It was almost worse than a battle field. It smelt like crap probably becuase the sewage system wasn't working. A smoke lingered in the air. This place was town built in a old mine.

" What happened that you moved down here?" I asked

" The Master. He constantly attack us with machines of war. He wants us too mine so we obeyed. He also insists on enslaving , and hurting us if don't do as told." Solack said with anger, " People are dieing  be abducted. We need to leave this mine or it will be our death."

" I can see your point. Why do you think this Master guy needs coal?" I asked

" Some say he's doing expirements involving making gifted ones." Kalos mutters.

That didn't make sense but I didn't argue.

" So what are we doin now?" I ask looking up at both of them.


The End

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