The master

I woke up my head felt like it was full of bricks. The world was blurry , I could hear mufffled sounds. As my vision got better I saw mostly fog. I was soar but it looked like someone had patched me up. I turned my head to see a few figures shrowded in the fog.  Beside me was my gun untouched and in good condidtion. I sat up and put the gun on my shoulder. My hearing was coming back. My clothing is drenched in blood, and rips. My leg was wrapped and splinted suggesting I had probably broke it. 

I unwrapped my right arm. I concentrated on the types of atoms that make bones. I knew the structure of every atom , and molecule to make my manipulating of the molecules and atoms easier.  As my hands passed my scars ,and scratches the skin steamed slighty the wounds closed and returned to the undamaged look. I removed the braces on my leg and rebuilt the shattered bones.  When I was done healing my body a girl about my age with long blond hair amd stunninly beautiful blue eyes walked about she looked shocked.

" Y y y yo your , healed , and your not hurt." She stammered. 

" Yeah it's one my gifts." I smiled

" Your a gifted one!" She say shrieks.

" Yeah. Is there something wrong with that?"

" Yes people here believe you people are evil." She says quietly blushing.

I could guess why those who had powers had abused them around here.

" Do people with gifts do bad things?" I ask

She nodded and looked away.

" I'm not like that. My name is Ian Hughes, I'm from Jagora." I said my hand outstretched.

" Jagora!" Her eyes went wide , "  Thats where you are from. Will you help us?" She asked

" It depends most likely seeing that My way back is destroyed. What your name?" I ask.

" Clara ." She said simply , " You should see the one who calls himself master. Or else..." She stopped

" Or else what?" I ask

" We'll get ...... punished." She says quietly

" That's not right." I say

Two men came out of the fog. Clara looked scared and took off before I could say anything. What was that?  I thought.

" Hello there younf man. I see you met our Clara. You seem to be in a good state y thought you where cut up? My name is Kalos." Kalos greeted me.

" Ian Hughes. I'm from Jagora. I have an ability."

His eyebrow shoots up in question.

" It better just be healing pal." He threatened

"Oh that's about it." I lied, "Clara said you had to take me to the one who calls himself master." 

" Well thats what I've been debating about. My brother here Solak here is trying to remove the master. He's only bullied us." Kalos said.

I noticed the Solak was Kalos backwards. Inventinve parents.

" I see so thats what Clara meant by help." I replied

In the distance I could here voices and clicking of guns.

" We'll have to talk later lets go." Solak said taking out a knife just in case.


The End

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