A War in the future in its past.

This take place 50 years in the future. The human race is just barely recovering from, A war of its own, and a apopcalyptic even involving Several nuclear weapons, and a asteroid. Some humans have developed specail abilities. Some are normal. Other are brainless creatures called souless. Things go south when several space ships apear in earths atmosphere. They claim to be from the future , and are waging war.

" Come  on keep going you!" I yell smacking the console of a ruined war machine that would be called a skyhawk. I just call it you!

It had a few propulsion engines on its side with fusion injectors but the  fusion Injectors failed alot of the time. Like right now I'm plummeting from the sky at fatal speed.  I kept opening and closing the fuel injector lever until the injector fell into place. 

The ocean was getting closer, and very fast. Then the engines begant to whine powering up.

" Yes, I'm  going to live!" I jumped hitting my head on the ceiling

I sit my self back in my seat. Mumbling about my vehicle. On the outside it has two small stubby wing tilted slight downwards. Underneat the wings are my propulaion engines.  then was my triangular ship and its fusion engine and its crappy injectors that are supposed to take the energy the fusion engines make. the  kitchen, small armory , and the other basics of home.

I was on a mission to once was known as england now known as the foglands. A new civvilization was rising in upper what was known as upper canada now known as Jagora. The leaders of the new civilization wanted to contact the smaller one around the world so me being a survior of wars, and apopcalypse since day one of my life. Its been a full 17 years since the war began. That was the day I was born. 

Anyways I accepted the mission a day ago and set off this morning.  I looked ahead and I could see the fog smothering the coastal land of foglan. I knew in the old databases this place was foggy a fair bit but after the asteroid smashed into earth it became permanently foggy.  We called such thing astro mysteries for example the foglands are permanently foggy, some of us gained strange abilities , I've got one. I can make flames and control flames , and I can change shapes of material. If you give me a sheet of titanium, I can create a titanium blade. That skill comes in handy every where I go. 

As I went over land I descended into the sea of clouds my sky hawk shuttering. The loos metal , and other things began to shake , and fatigue it felt like someone through a bunch bolts , and metal together to make a ship. Thats probably what happened. About a thousand feet up the fusion injectors failed.  The engines stopped running and the power died.

" Oh not agian!" I yelled running to the back trying to get the leaver to get it to work.

no such luck I fell outta the sky like a 20 ton rock. Wait It is a 20 ton rock. I grabbed my gun and jumped I though I was outta the clear but.  I was caught on something on the ship.  I hit the metal side of my ship winding myself.  I looked up my pantleg welded itself with the metal. I guess subconciously I bonded my pantleg with the ship.  I got myself back on deck to feel the collsions with the ground.   I went into unconciousness.

The End

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